Friday, April 24, 2009


Today I was sitting in the backyard doing my bible study and what do you know, my mind started to drift. You see I looked up and saw the maple tree in our backyard and I was captivated. It's so perfect, so simple. It started as a seed, something so little and yet it grew to be way up there! How clever is our God! He can make something start so small and it grows to be perfect. Tall, weather resistant, self sustaining. I looked then at our house. I was struck again! The contrast between what men make and what God makes!

A tree starts as a small seed and grows and grows until it is a beautiful cathedral with spires reaching into the sky. The birds make their houses there, we people find shade there. We use them to build our own houses which are sorry replicas of the beautiful structures the Lord causes to grow naturally. A tree gets stronger with time, thicker and taller. A house gets weaker. A tree is truly a marvelous thing! 

Even the beautiful houses have nothing on the beautiful hall of flowered trees. 

It seems that all we humankind do is make things to mimic what the Lord has made. We make cars with "horsepower" we make jets to fly like the eagle was born knowing how to do. We make scuba suits to swim like a fish and light bulbs when God makes BUGS that can light up on their own! WOW!

I also noticed a little red cardinal with his lady love. They were sitting in the birch tree and having a conversation. He landed first and it was as if he was trying to convince her that this was the tree, their own prime real estate. She must have been less than convinced however because the chattering went on for quite some time before they flew away to the next tree. He seemed a little out of sorts, a little "flighty". Possibly he has a wife to please that won't be pleased? 

And yes, it is fun in here. The mind is a vast playground for me :)

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Kristen said...

I agree with you. We can only mimic our creator. Like children mimic their parents. I laughed when I ead your bit about the birds. I will never forget one spring morning I looked out our kitchen window (in town) to see two morning doves hving a marital spat. She was preparing their nest. He would bring her a twig, she would scold him and he dropped it and flew away only to come back with a different twig. His chosen twigs were rejected over and over. Hilarious. I felt so sorry for the poor guy. How could that "evolve"?