Sunday, April 5, 2009


So today I opened the pantry door to discover the potatoes morphed into globs that look like they should be able to star in the next Pixar monster film. It was slightly frightening...

Anyways. Today was very productive. Here is a list of what went down:

Woke up. (Yes I know that one is hard to believe...)
Got myself all ready and the house ready for a house showing in less than 30 minutes. Got my guitar in the car and headed to pick up Holli and go to Calvary Chapel Twin Cities to lead worship. 

Worship went great, got coffee and donuts, jammed for a bit, was back in Red Wing by 1pm.
Went to the church, got my drum cases and chatted awhile.
Came home and booked the hotel for the night of August 2nd.
Picked out my wedding invitations.
Made chocolate covered peanut butter balls with Michael. (he's too cute :)
Called Kris and set up her coming over for tea.
Practiced more than 5 songs on piano.
Made grilled chicken, mashed potatoes, and green beans for dinner for Michael and I.
Kris came over, had some English tea and chatted for awhile, twas very pleasant.
Michael came back from financial class and we tried to have a bonfire, the wood was too wet but the guys were already on their way over so then we...
had a weight lifting competition. 
Push up competition.
I cut Tyler's hair.
The boys held their arms out parallel to the ground for 5 minutes. 
Generally visited.
Wrote a letter to a friend.
And now, writing a blog!

Thats a lot for one day but it was all worth it, it was a full and very nice day.

Thank you Lord :)

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- Sarah :-) said...

Wow - sounds like a pretty full day. Rock ON!!

So - do we get to see what the invites will look like???