Monday, January 24, 2011

Crying baby.

I officially HATE vaccinations. Sometimes I can't help but smile because even when she is screaming she is adorable but I hate seeing her cry like this! Its horrible! I think I would hate it more if she got Tetanus, Pertussis, or the myriad of other things but...still. Anyways. I won't sleep at all tonight because I am so darn worried about her. She has a low grade fever (normal) but that makes momma nervous.

Anyways, prayers would be appreciated, its hard having a sad baby :(

Monday is not my enemy.

I am going to make a roast chicken for dinner today. The weather, the deep snow, the ambiance of winter are calling me to make something homey and comforting. I believe this will fill my little cottage in the woods with quite a pleasant aroma, and it will be superbly yummy :)

Baby had her 2 month shots today, poor little bugger cried and cried! She turned as pink as her outfit. It was like she was looking at me wondering why in the world I was letting people hurt her! But she recovered quickly when I nursed her afterwards, she was even talking and smiling while we were grocery shopping. I just love her so much!

So adorable! She thinks she's around 4 months old...

Saturday, January 22, 2011

It's the simple things in life.

I think it's the simple things in life that drive me the most crazy. Like dishes. I was standing by the dishwasher about to open it and unload the dishes when i suddnly got so sick of the idea that I gave up and sat on the couch, and now am writing a blog. I am so SICK OF DISHES! My hands are so dried and cracking...but man I am such a whiner. My bestest friend Dani is a missionary in Brazil, has to do her work by hand for 6 children and a husband in tropical heat and she is a trooper. Here I am in my cozy little home doing dishes for husband, baby (just bottles...) and myself and I'm sick of it! I'm just sick of the mundane chores.

Really, Michael tries (he says he reads my blog, but since I have written some things hoping to garner a response from him and never have, I really don't think he will ever read this.) but he is kind of (really) sloppy. He comes home and leaves a trail. A trail that spans rooms.

I love being home with the baby. Please don't look at this blog and think that I will be glad to go back out into the world of the big folks and have stimulating conversation and not walk around with a shirt full of spit up because I am dreading that. Not look forward to it one little bit. If I could stay at home with my little baby love all the time I would. I don't need any adventure that she is not a part of.

But I would like a little should I say...spice in my life. I can always bring her with me whilst accomplishing such little adventurous and fun things right? I have no idea what these adventures would entail, it will be much easier when its warmer than -10 degrees out and I can walk outside without feeling like I'm in a deep freeze. Maybe something simple, like going for a bike ride. Being cooped up inside is really. REALLY. boring. I would love to take my girl out and go for a jog, push a nice jogging stroller and actually breath fresh air. I lost my summer last year because I was preggo and sick. I am looking forward to summer this year! I want to DO things! Gardening would be fun, however I have never had an affinity for it. All my plants except for Hostas, which I hear are impossible to kill, have died a slow and torturous death. I even killed the cucumbers.

But really, the height of my summer adventures will be more (I hope) than jogging, bike rides, and growing a garden. Let me make a summer bucket list, things to do before the last day of summer arrives:

1. Drive to Canada and see the waterfalls just north of the Grand Portage, Minnesota border.

2. Run in at least a 5k, hopefully a 10 or 12k race. (working up to a Tri or half marathon eventually, I have to get back into it first.)

3. Go Kayaking at least 4 times.

4. Grow something in my garden that stays alive long enough to get at least one edible thing from.

5. Sleep out in the back yard.

6. Go on at least 3 photo taking adventures.

7. Set up an easel and paint a picture on canvas in my front yard.

8. Make ice cream.

9. Actually use my new rock climbing harness to climb rocks. Big rocks.

More to come. Hmm. I should get those dishes done before little girl wakes up.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Time with the baby.

I Love pictures with a short depth of field, and of course, I love any picture with Evelyn in them.

She can be such a goofball. I am guessing in about 4-5 years I am going to hear a lot of "hey mom, want to hear a joke?"


Yes, I take my baby out for coffee and a donut. And she sits in the window while I have a looksy at Vogue and revel in the paradox that is eating a donut whilst looking at a high fashion magazine.

Just seems...contradictory?

But if it is too contradictory and I had to choose either the donut or the high fashion magazine, I would choose the donut.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The good dog and the bad dog.

I was reading in Hebrews today and something that stuck out to me was in 13:18 "Pray for us, for we are confident that we have a good conscience in all things desiring to live honorably". I would endeavor to be able to say that. I could say " Pray for me, for I would like to have a good conscience and in all things to desiring to live honorably". I definitely have not arrived. It is hard to have a good conscience. I fear that my conscience is seared having seen so much sin, whether from the media, from experience, or from the depths of my own mind there is much I would rather have left buried yet in my desire for sin I unearthed it.

I believe though that I cannot serve two masters. As I desire righteousness I put this desire for sin away. Its like weight loss. I cannot truly desire to be athletic and yet do nothing about it. It is a passing desire if that is the case, probably not very deep seeded and more like a "oh I wish that could happen" type of thing. At least, that is my thought on it.

I was watching a movie last night with Michael and one of the parts I liked the best was a small conversation between the bad guy, an Apache "bruha" (witch doctor) and Tommy Lee Jones' character (obviously the good guy). The Bruha tells him there are two dogs inside of him, one good and one evil. They are constantly fighting, who is the one who wins? Jones' answer was "probably the one I feed more". How interesting. If I feed the good dog more, he can prevail against the evil one. Unfortunately, the same works the other way. I would like to think that even if I feed the evil dog more the good one will just be dormant for awhile but no, the good one loses ground when I feed the evil one more. The good then has to overcome a mind full of memories, a conscience defiled, and how much harder is that to do? Quite a lot.

Interesting thoughts.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Brutta Giornata

I watched the movie "Angels and Demons" (highly recommend, great movie) and ever since I have been loving the Italian language. It is my next conquest. That was just to explain the means "bad day". Yes. For me its just the day, but for Michael...not such a good week. I had an ok week other than that I had to go into work and get my schedule. So lame, I never want to go back to work! Now that I know how amazing being a mother is and how everyday is perfectly satisfying just kissing chubby little cheeks I never want to leave this. La triste verita della vita (for all who have studied Latin: Italian is rather easy to understand when you have studied Latin, try it, you may be surprised.)

But back to Michael's week. He lost his leatherman. Might not sound like a big deal but it was an 80$ leatherman that he got for his 21st birthday. He loved it. It was actually on his list of favorite things. Yes, it was on the list. So that is strike one. Next up is the car. Our reliable little Saturn. He broke the windshield trying to load some wood into it. Apparently loading wood into a Saturn is a bad idea, but how else will we get it places? So thats another 130$ or so. Then today he went to go skiing, and we found out that all three of our iPods have disappeared. Maybe they got stolen along with Tom (the GPS) out of his car when he left it unlocked at my parents house. They are completely gone.

Our dishwasher is also broken, barely cleans the dishes and the drain gets plugged every other load so he is down on the floor unplugging it. Not a pleasant process. His brothers broken down car is monopolizing our shop. He has to go back to school on Monday. Also, we are realizing that two economy cars may not be enough, we need a vehicle with room. We can barely fit the baby, the dog, the two of us, a stroller, and a diaper bag in our car when we go places. Shucks. We also are not having a good time getting a house loan. When I asked Michael how the house loan was coming along he said "Well (pointed at a spoon sitting on the counter) its moving about as fast as that spoon."

On the plus side, we have many blessings. Our daughter is beautiful and healthy. Our dog is healthy and way to loving. We have amazing camera's. We have a house. We have more than enough food, heat in the winter, and one cool room in the summer. We have a stellar coffee maker.

But still, twas not such a good week.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Onesies, Nasal Spray, and Baby Socks

Well, since my diaper review was received so well by people who have written me on facebook...I will review a few more things that I would have liked to know about before I had a baby. Now...I know I am no strong voice of influence, I can only tell you my own experience.

First of all, onesies. I love onesies. Babies look so adorable when wearing a little white onesie, so babyish. I agree with whoever said babies should only wear baby clothes and let me tell you, onesies are for babies. If a big person wore a white onesie I would be a little shocked (and appalled). But I for the sizes of these cute little things I will give you a few tidbits of information that I have gleaned. Gerber makes the best onesies, but I strongly dislike their organic cotton version. The sleeves on the organic cotton are too big for the body so it looks like a little fat man shirt. The reason I like the gerber the best is because they only have two snaps on the bottom (better when you have a wiggly little baby). I have found though that the gerber run smaller, Evelyn grew out of the gerber NB after about 4 weeks but she still fits in the Carter's NB at 7 weeks. The Carter's onesies run a little longer and have three snaps on the bottom which really isn't that big of a deal but I would prefer the gerber ones for that reason. Another thing about running small, Ev went from NB Gerber to 3-6 month Gerber. She skipped the 0-3 month size completely because they were about the same size as the NB. As far as long sleeve undershirts, gerber 0-3 month fit Evelyn from the beginning and still does.

See how cute a little babe in a poofy cloth dipe with a little onesie is?

She has arm rolls to spare!

Nasal spray! Blast those boogies. People reading this that aren't interested in baby products, simply stop reading. I have so many pregnant friends right now and having just walked through the first few weeks of this unknown world of newborn baby, I have a little something to say about it. When we brought Evelyn home from the hospital I was scared beyond reason. To my shame I did cry as we left the hospital. All of our nurses were so pleasant and having the advice of our wonderful doctor who visited us every morning was invaluable. I felt so vulnerable taking my dear little baby out of that safe haven. As night time came I was nervous, how could I sleep with no one watching over this dear little girl? Then she started doing the snurgle. It was a mix of a snotty gurgle and it scared the sleep right out of me. I laid next to her small little head and listening. It sounded like she was drowning in this snurgly noise. I don't think I slept a wink that first night, I was so worried she was going to stop breathing. Our house was so dry that she had big old boogies hanging out in her nose. What was I to do?

Well call my mother of course.

She said to put saline drops in her nostril and suction her nose. Saline drops? I was worried, I didn't have saline drops. Well apparently it is easy to make saline drops by dissolving a 1/4 tsp table salt in a 1/2 cup of warm water. After putting a few drops in the little nose you suction with a bulb syringe. Has anyone else ever had trouble trying to get these drops safely into the little nose? Let me tell you they often end up in the mouth, or the eye, or all over the face. Basically anywhere but in the nose. So then what is a poor worried mother to do?

I ended up finding a saline spray that squirts a very fine mist into the baby's nose. It was super easy to use and worked like a charm. One little spray and all those boogies were ready to be suctioned out. She could breathe easy and I could (maybe) sleep soundly...for a few hours at least. Here is the spray I bought:

Now baby socks. I care about baby socks. They have been the constant bane on my child's outfits since she has been donning outfits. She goes strait from feet to chubby legs so socks really don't stay up well. After about 5 weeks of socks constantly falling off I discovered something on clearance at Target called "babylegs". They are basically just little baby leg warmers, and they are super cute to boot. They fit nice and snug over her socks and all the way up her chubber legs and prevent the socks from slipping. The pair of babylegs I found were on clearance so they were only $2.00 but without being on clearance they were a little to steep for me. For your information babylegs are SUPER EASY to make yourself. Just take a pair of cutesy women's knee high socks and cut the feet off. Sew a wide elastic seam under the cut end and seam it up the side to the desired width. Super easy and super cute. I'll take a picture sometime to show you the adorableness.

Thus the end of my baby advice blog. Not much wisdom here but a lot of practicalness! I love adding ness onto the end of a word to make it a verb.