Saturday, January 22, 2011

It's the simple things in life.

I think it's the simple things in life that drive me the most crazy. Like dishes. I was standing by the dishwasher about to open it and unload the dishes when i suddnly got so sick of the idea that I gave up and sat on the couch, and now am writing a blog. I am so SICK OF DISHES! My hands are so dried and cracking...but man I am such a whiner. My bestest friend Dani is a missionary in Brazil, has to do her work by hand for 6 children and a husband in tropical heat and she is a trooper. Here I am in my cozy little home doing dishes for husband, baby (just bottles...) and myself and I'm sick of it! I'm just sick of the mundane chores.

Really, Michael tries (he says he reads my blog, but since I have written some things hoping to garner a response from him and never have, I really don't think he will ever read this.) but he is kind of (really) sloppy. He comes home and leaves a trail. A trail that spans rooms.

I love being home with the baby. Please don't look at this blog and think that I will be glad to go back out into the world of the big folks and have stimulating conversation and not walk around with a shirt full of spit up because I am dreading that. Not look forward to it one little bit. If I could stay at home with my little baby love all the time I would. I don't need any adventure that she is not a part of.

But I would like a little should I say...spice in my life. I can always bring her with me whilst accomplishing such little adventurous and fun things right? I have no idea what these adventures would entail, it will be much easier when its warmer than -10 degrees out and I can walk outside without feeling like I'm in a deep freeze. Maybe something simple, like going for a bike ride. Being cooped up inside is really. REALLY. boring. I would love to take my girl out and go for a jog, push a nice jogging stroller and actually breath fresh air. I lost my summer last year because I was preggo and sick. I am looking forward to summer this year! I want to DO things! Gardening would be fun, however I have never had an affinity for it. All my plants except for Hostas, which I hear are impossible to kill, have died a slow and torturous death. I even killed the cucumbers.

But really, the height of my summer adventures will be more (I hope) than jogging, bike rides, and growing a garden. Let me make a summer bucket list, things to do before the last day of summer arrives:

1. Drive to Canada and see the waterfalls just north of the Grand Portage, Minnesota border.

2. Run in at least a 5k, hopefully a 10 or 12k race. (working up to a Tri or half marathon eventually, I have to get back into it first.)

3. Go Kayaking at least 4 times.

4. Grow something in my garden that stays alive long enough to get at least one edible thing from.

5. Sleep out in the back yard.

6. Go on at least 3 photo taking adventures.

7. Set up an easel and paint a picture on canvas in my front yard.

8. Make ice cream.

9. Actually use my new rock climbing harness to climb rocks. Big rocks.

More to come. Hmm. I should get those dishes done before little girl wakes up.

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E. Chikeles said...

wow those sound fun! If you do those with the baby you should invite us!!!

It gets a little worse when they realize they are cooped up... which is why they invented mall play places, libraries and grandma's. Adventures sure do change...