Sunday, January 16, 2011

Brutta Giornata

I watched the movie "Angels and Demons" (highly recommend, great movie) and ever since I have been loving the Italian language. It is my next conquest. That was just to explain the means "bad day". Yes. For me its just the day, but for Michael...not such a good week. I had an ok week other than that I had to go into work and get my schedule. So lame, I never want to go back to work! Now that I know how amazing being a mother is and how everyday is perfectly satisfying just kissing chubby little cheeks I never want to leave this. La triste verita della vita (for all who have studied Latin: Italian is rather easy to understand when you have studied Latin, try it, you may be surprised.)

But back to Michael's week. He lost his leatherman. Might not sound like a big deal but it was an 80$ leatherman that he got for his 21st birthday. He loved it. It was actually on his list of favorite things. Yes, it was on the list. So that is strike one. Next up is the car. Our reliable little Saturn. He broke the windshield trying to load some wood into it. Apparently loading wood into a Saturn is a bad idea, but how else will we get it places? So thats another 130$ or so. Then today he went to go skiing, and we found out that all three of our iPods have disappeared. Maybe they got stolen along with Tom (the GPS) out of his car when he left it unlocked at my parents house. They are completely gone.

Our dishwasher is also broken, barely cleans the dishes and the drain gets plugged every other load so he is down on the floor unplugging it. Not a pleasant process. His brothers broken down car is monopolizing our shop. He has to go back to school on Monday. Also, we are realizing that two economy cars may not be enough, we need a vehicle with room. We can barely fit the baby, the dog, the two of us, a stroller, and a diaper bag in our car when we go places. Shucks. We also are not having a good time getting a house loan. When I asked Michael how the house loan was coming along he said "Well (pointed at a spoon sitting on the counter) its moving about as fast as that spoon."

On the plus side, we have many blessings. Our daughter is beautiful and healthy. Our dog is healthy and way to loving. We have amazing camera's. We have a house. We have more than enough food, heat in the winter, and one cool room in the summer. We have a stellar coffee maker.

But still, twas not such a good week.


Tammy said...

Bummer. I'm so proud you two are doing this stuff together though.

Also delighted to hear you like the coffee maker.

Anonymous said...

This is a little late, but I'm sorry last week was so lousy. I understand the whole leatherman thing...that's pretty much Paul's favorite possession. It's always on him and if he were to ever lose it, he'd go crazy. I hope things have gotten better this week!