Saturday, July 9, 2011


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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I feel tired.

This picture is a good representation of how I feel. Tired. Yet...I also am looking forward to my day.

It has been a rough two days at work for me. First, on monday night I helped someone get into their car after they had been discharged from the hospital. After I had put her in her car and she grabbed me by the collar of shirt and told me frantically "I'm going to die, I'm going to die. I'm dying!"

What you know, about five minutes later, in the car with her husband and daughter, she died. What am I supposed to do about that? There was nothing I could do, she was terminally ill. But still, I just put her in her car and went back to my work. Rough. She was scared enough of death for me to think that she didn't know where she was going to be when she died. And I said nothing.

On tuesday night it was just annoying patients mostly and gross clean up after said annoying patients. However there was one cute little lady with a big black eye that sticks out in my mind. She was a sweetheart. She had just come from her sisters funeral and was having a drink with her family that had come from all over for the funeral. She hadn't been out in a long time, more than a year, because of surgeries and illnesses. She had a drink, then she passed out. Broke her facial bones and her arm. She was so embarrassed. It had nothing to do with the alcohol either, it just happened. Talk about a rough day for her. It makes me really sad to see people suffering. I always try to put on a good face still affects me inside.

If anyone from work is reading this they may be thinking I need to lighten up, not take things so seriously, it's life etc. I don't act like it affects me at work...? But at work its easy to turn off emotion. In the car on the way home, laying in bed going to sleep, and all the next day, I think about it. I must be to soft for this job.

There's more I've been dealing with, but I will wait for another time to try and put it into words. My baby is being patient (she woke up about a paragraph ago) just sitting on my lap talking away, playing with my necklace, but I need to play with her now :)

Sunday, May 1, 2011


My cute little baby and I were out in the yard. I was working on my flower beds, she was playing on her quilt.

Until she got sick of it. Then into the carrier! My working buddy.

...and my working buddy didn't last too long!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Friday, April 22, 2011

Modern Mommy

This is not directed at anyone, I promise! It is jut the plight of the modern mommy as some of my other friends have explained to me, it is a constant battle with technology, especially as kids get older. A true love hate relationship. So, I put it into rhyme. It sometimes makes it easier to understand, more black and white I suppose.

Modern Mommy

"Modern mommy" is not the mommy

That I would like to be.

It is much to busy, far to rushed

For a tired mommy like me.

The modern mommy can balance,

A blackberry, iPhone or Droid.

Updating her facebook, email, and more.

While kiddos sit ignored.

When little hands are tugging

Mommy to come and play

She says "just a second honey"

And now her status will say:

"the kids keep distracting me,

so dinner is late again,

daddy will be home soon,

and lend a helping hand"

She closes out the windows

On the computer screen

The blogs that she is reading

The email's still unseen

An old friend from high school

Ask's if she can chat

Its been so long,

She decides to take a minute for that.

By the time that mommy is ready

To finally go and play

The kids have decided

To spend their time another way.

The TV screen is on,

Nothing can distract their gaze.

Mommy sighs and walks away

Says quietly "Kids these days"

As she walks away she sees

The laundry piled high

The picture she's been meaning to fix

The dog's water bowl is dry

All these things, so basic

It happens to the best, I know

But this while she was unaware

Cause she was watching her favorite show.

To modern kids it is the norm

To let others entertain

While mommy is to busy

To read that story again

Instead its disney that does the work,

Entertainment very fake,

Imaginations put at bay

While mommy takes a break,

A mommy is a person

That cannot be replaced.

But sadly now technology

Has inched into her place.

The modern mommy is a tragedy

To mommy's everywhere.

To modern mommy it is ok

To waste time unaware.

Time is not something

That anyone should waste

It passes by so constant

At far to quick a pace

The kids will soon be grown

Their imaginations dulled

Teach them all you know

Before they go out to the world

Then you can spend

All day wasting time

When you have it heaps and spades

You'll realize you were blind

Blind to what you had,

So few years ago,

While you were far to busy

Those little kids did grow

So take a break, please

Go old fashioned again

Forget about status updates

And adding that new friend

Turn off all the gadgets

Invest in something great,

You never will regret it,

Now is not to late,

Teach the kids what you know

Read that story once more,

Forget about modern mommy,

You've better things in store.

Self condemnation!! Now realize, I am writing this on a computer. I don't find technology repulsive, but man, it is a waste of time to do much of what we do online. I am glad I don't have internet or TV at my house. I don't have a smart phone, heck my phone barely gets reception at my house. I'm not boasting, I need these parameters so that I don't waste my time. I have been convicted that Satan doesn't need to send me trials to get me to stumble if he can just get me to waste my time.

My kid is my greatest mission field yet, I only hope to do it right.