Monday, April 27, 2009

Time that goes slower.

Today has been one of those days where the time has felt to drag longer than it should. A minute is stretched well to its breaking point, an hour seems like 2. Maybe it is because I woke up late (1130, recovering from getting home at 3am from work, although Kris knows what I was actually doing at Fairview at 0230...) but whatever it was today was not only long but rough!

Its not a very cheery place to be in my home anymore.  Mum and dad are still waiting for word from the Canadian government on their visa's and until then my dad can't work! Why is government so slow? Seriously what do they need to look into to grant a visa? They are waiting to leave at what feels like a moments notice, I am waiting to move out as soon as the house sells. I spent the day (mostly) packing up things like my linens and winter clothes. I also got rid of three bags of clothes and one bag of shoes. My closet still does not look dented, I have way to much. I need to keep downsizing thats for sure. In the last six months I have emptied seven garage bags full of clothes from my closet and dresser and still I come up with more I don't need!

After packing for a long while I felt ill and so I laid down and slept for two hours, woke up to have dinner, went out to ice cream with mum and dad and now here I am. I just finished making some orange rolls that I got off of my favorite blog: to bring over to Kris's house tomorrow. We go for a walk, have coffee and breakfast, pray, and read the word. Its definitely one of my favorite things to do now. Its like a retreat away from the reality that is my everyday life: work, being unsure about my future, trying to scratch times out of crazy business to actually have a relationship with Michael (he is far too busy), dealing with my parents getting ready to leave. 

On the plus side, I have been experiencing a better relationship with the Lord lately. Its been refreshing. Its like I have to get to the point where I say "God this is to much for me!" and He gives me more of His love. Kris and I found a bunch more believers at work to pray with, Michael and I are a little more sure of the direction we should be going in, I have been sent new friends and those are all things I have been praying for. God is good, which is refreshing. 

I feel like I'm not making sense, but oh well. I couldn't count the amount of times I have used the backspace key in this blog, it has been far too many. I think my fingers are having a little rebellion from listening to my brain.
Confused? Read on. 

I will leave you with another quote from Elizabeth Elliot who is bound to make more sense than me!

If my life is surrendered to God, all is well. Let me not grab it back, as though it were in peril in His hand but would be safer in mine! 

Elisabeth Elliot 

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E. Chikeles said...

Hey I want your left over clothes! I won't be preggo for forever!!

And the blog makes sense, it actually flows quite well.