Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Oh me, oh my.

I read my last blog again and was just wondering how in the world I expect Michael to be able to put up with my emotions! The poor guy! I go from low of low to highest mountain in a day! I realized that the JOY OF THE LORD is my strength. Do I really believe this? I am trying too! If I am despairing am I living like I believe it? NO! Not at all!

I had a walk with Kris today and near the end of it I was overwhelmed by the fact the God cares enough about me to be concerned about my day. How I spend my time, how often I think of Him and sadly how often I don't think of Him. Some things she said really rang true to me but they are still circulating in my brain and heart and I am not sure I have grasped everything well enough to put it down. Its kind of like a secret...something I am working on with the Lord in my heart. 

Ladies out there who are reading this, namely Elisabeth, Holli, Sarah, and Malia. I cannot encourage you enough to find a woman who is married and emulates the character you desire to be someday.  Make sure she is a godly woman with children that love the Lord and one who honors her husband, spends time in the word, and so on. When you find her don't let her go until you have picked her brain for solid advice and council! Put her in your speed dial and call her when you are about to explode and need a word of wisdom! I think Kris unwittingly fell into this position for me (poor woman!) But you will be so blessed. Encourage your men to do the same with a man they admire. Men need council and advice from other men just as much as we women do from each other. 

I hope that someday I will find some 20 something girl like me who needs advice about marriage and children and husbands. I hope I will be able to sweep her up and just let her bask in the fact that she will always be beloved by the Lord. Show her ways to be honoring to her husband, ways to save big on groceries, and overall just be that Titus 2:4 woman for her.

So. Yesterday I did not finish my to-do list. Funny how at the end of the day when I went to read my book (It's called "Lies Women Believe and the Truth That Sets Them Free") I opened up to the chapter on time restraints. On how we have so many things we feel like we need to get done everyday when really, the Lord will give us the time to do what he wants us to do in a day. I am still learning this. I need to daily "inquire of the Lord" as to what He has for me daily. What a blessing!

I also didn't have 3 meals yesterday. I had a pop tart, a hard boiled egg, and a latte. And some peanut butter balls dipped in chocolate...but anyways the point is I have made myself eat breakfast and lunch today, I am well on my way to having a 3 meal day. This doesn't happen often! It is going to be a habit soon though, I have it on my list everyday to eat three meals. Is that funny to you? Because some people who were looking over my to-do list yesterday were teasing me quite a lot about the "eat three meals" part. Oh well! I thought it was necessary...

So I am going to do my dishes from lunch!



- Sarah :-) said...

Wow - so my comment on the other post should have waited until I read this one... mainly the part about how God gives us time to accomplish what he has for us in a day.

But I also feel like I get myself so busy-minded that I don't listen. Maybe that's the "control" aspect in me, eh?

And I whole-heartedly agree about the mentor thing. And I believe that person should be at LEAST 5 years older than you, or more. Just for pure experience and wisdom's sake... if that age-span is possible, anyways.

Melody said...

Yep, I fully agree. Wisdom from someone 4 years older than you is great, but taken with a grain of salt as they really have probably not lived their answer out yet.

E. Chikeles said...

I am reading that book too- I think I could read the entire thing every day and be encouraged to do better.

I don't think age matters so much in the marriage counseling; there are some older women who are doing well in marriage and some who are deceptively bitter... and there are some newlyweds who truly seek the Lord and honor their husbands (enter Stacy, you know it!) and THAT is the one encouragement in marriage you need! But mentors are awesome, I agree.

And as for a 20 something... you won't have to look, God brings them straight to you! =)

Nice post.

Tammy said...

But then again, and this is said without jealousy, envy or strife, when all else fails you and Beth always have your MOTHER who stands ready, willing and able to be that kind of woman too. I'm glad you have others as well.

Melody said...

Yes, we have learned so much from your relationship with dad. I have learned the respect and honor that you have for him, unfortunately Michael and Dad are almost nothing alike whereas some of my friends who are older have husbands who sound just like Michael.

I have become to used to the relationship of you and dad that sometimes I can't glean information from it because I think "Its always been like this" because your relationship has grown as I have grown up, its hard to think of you going through what I am momma even though I know you did!

Melody said...

Oh and mom, I realized today while I was ironing the pieces for my apron. Your life when you were homeschooling us is exactly what I want. You had great kids :), an amazing husband, a farm with a few goats, a few chickens, and you had and loved the Lord. I hope someday I can have that :)

Plus, I wouldn't be wanting to homeschool all my kids if my memories of homeschooling were bad. On the contrary, I couldn't imagine spending my childhood in a better way.

OK well maybe I could, if you had bought me a pony before I was 13 I would have been tickled pink. And you know how I hated pink...

Kristen said...

I sit here reading this humbled, with burning coals on my head (figuratively, speaking, of course). I am a work in progress and most all of my wisdom came from feeling the effects of rebellion from my parents, my husband and God. I want to sit at the feet of your mother (Tammy, you left too soon. I wish I could have gotten to know you!) Thankfully, HE lifted me out of the mirey (sp?) clay and set my feet on solid rock, though I still feel shakey at times. Great mentor, I don't know that I can say that. I will be honest with you about where I've been and where God has taken me. It's all His glory. I was a woman who was tearing down her house with her own two hands and devouring her husband with her words. I can easily tell you what NOT to do, but am still learning what to do by daily, voluntarily submitting. It's not always easy; I default to the flesh quickly when the pressure is on (lack of sleep, too busy, PMS etc) It is only by the grace and mercy of God that I have the marriage that I have! Let passion for Christ be your life goal. Obedience and submission then naturally follows.

Melody said...

See what I'm saying girls? Good advice.

Any my dearest Ella, I do disagree with you as I told you earlier today. I think that the word tells us to look up to "older" (though not necessarily old mind you) women because of their maturity that is ONLY gained through living. I also think it is because they have slowed down a little bit, I mean you look at a 17 year old boy and you think raging hormones with one thing on his mind, well I think girls are all like a 17 year old boy with a million different things on our minds! We need wisdom, a little slower pace, guidance, and most of all the "honey, I've been there".

At least thats my opinion, and I believe it to be backed up by the word, especially Titus 2:4