Monday, April 13, 2009

A resignation of sorts.

The glory of the Lord!

To resign my flesh would be a glorious resignation.
My innermost desire is to praise Your name,
To praise Your name above all else.

My Lord's heart is pure.
His desire is for my heart. My desire is for His,
To know how to bring Him the joy He has brought me.

To rise in the morning and seek Your face.
To pursue You, to honor You,
You are my King, Jesus!
My desire is to honor You!

You forgave my sins, You redeemed me out of death,
You satisfy my desire, I am fulfilled.
Compassion embodies You, grace.
You are slow to anger and I am not!
You abound in love when I give over bitterness!
How great is Your love for those who fear You name,
Oh to reverence Your name as I should.
For I know my days are numbered, my days are feeble. 
But You oh Lord are everlasting! 
Your see from beginning to end and Your wisdom is infinite!
Oh Praise the Lord! 


Tammy said...

Is this a Melody original? I like it.

Melody said...

It is, it is. Loosely based on Psalm 103.

Kristen said...