Sunday, April 12, 2009

A story.

Easter Dinner:

"Do you need any help mom" my sister and asked at the same time as we watched my mom carry a dish downstairs to do the dining room. She laughed and looked at us "you two could get the drinks for everyone" I looked at Beth and said "well since you offered, you can do it" she smiled and we both got up to get everyone a beverage. Unfortunately we still forgot a drink for a guest and mom ended up getting it in the end. 

As we sat around the table I felt like a little kid again, just like our big nightly meals on the farm. "You know why this food is so good?" I asked everyone "because its 'mom' food, we grew up on mom food made only the way our mom can make it and now we are all having authentic 'mom' food!" My mom smiled and Beth and Daniel laughed, its true. My mom makes her food a certain way and it cannot be duplicated even by an identical recipe. Its the 'mom' factor that makes it 'mom' food.

Somehow somebody said something about pants and Daniel and I looked at one other and started at the same time to sing in a mock grunge scream "these are pants. Whose pants...are these anyways" Its kind of an inside joke that we found simply hilarious and could not stop laughing, oh the days when every meal was so full of laughter. 

The afternoon went on with much of the same, Daniel cracking jokes and everyone dying of laughter, stuffing ourselves on my mom's food and my sister's cake. I know they can't go on forever and so I am thankful for the days when we can get together and create new memories and new traditions with plenty of new laughs. I am ever thankful I have the pleasant childhood memories to remember but also thankful my days are not the same anymore. I took them for granted in the moment and now I treasure of recreation. I think the scarcity has made it all the more precious! While my parents are in Canada I may end up spending some important days with other people, some holidays with Michael's family, and some trips to the Canadian beyond. Overall, the future is bright. Full of love, what more could we want?

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Tammy said...

It was a perfect day and I enjoyed having all my kids home again. I love you.