Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Horse Therapy.

I have been enjoying going riding again. Kris's sister, Laura, is my age and after this discovery we also discovered that we both love horses and hence, horse therapy. We rode Friday, we rode today. I even got to use my own saddle that I haven't used in years (just fyi as I was typing saddle I was thinking "salad" and almost misspelled it, I even said salad in my head instead of saddle)

Let me tell you, it is great to be on a horse again. I don't have the same confidence I used to have but I expect it will return. We rode over to Kris's house to deliver some coffee and then when I got down to untie the coffee from my saddle, Kris jumped on the horse I was riding and her and Laura went and left me at the house! It was funny. I went inside and made myself comfortable, had a cup of coffee, talked to the kids about Joshua (the youngest one who is 2) who is having a little problem with peeing on the floor and not in the toilet, at the end of this conversation Kris and Laura came back up the hill so I ran to get my shoes. I took Laura's horse this time and left her at the house! Kris and I rode a little down the road, decided it was to cold and windy and went back to the house. Such a simple thing as riding a horse but it makes my day better. So much better! And Kris and Laura are really good with the horses, not gonna lie, I'm a bit jealous. Oh well, Kris throws like a girl and I don't. So she can be good at horses. (haha I know your reading this and smiling and shaking your head at the computer...)


I am so amazed by this world God has made, so complex, so beautiful. He gives us passions and desires, He gives us fulfillment. Even when I am in the darkest of times I remember that He has made all this and said "it is GOOD!" and I look around and say "Wow God! Your awesome!" Going through the cave yesterday (we went to Crystal Cave) Kris and I were marveling at the rocks and at the fact that people would attribute those to random chance development. Matthew and I were scoffing at the fact that people could believe in a world millions of years old, about 6 thousand makes a lot more sense. 

God is so creative, I love it. He has made things that just hold my fascination like...oh its just so amazing! Like flowers! Bumblebee's! How He made horses smell a certain way and when I smell that I feel better. He made us women to complement men so wonderfully, He made men to so complete us women! How wonderful. What a Great God we serve!


Kristen said...

I want you to know that I used to practice trying to jump on my horse with our using stirrups and no matter what great shape I was in, I couldn't do it. Then on the first ride Michael and I went on, he just swung on like you did and I was undone. You're pretty good on a horse yourself, and you're younger than me and in GREAT shape. However, I have been working on my throw, so look out!

Tammy said...

You guys should invite me to go along too!