Thursday, April 23, 2009


Running, barefoot. Smelling fresh air and food on the grill. 


Hoping these days can last. Knowing they cannot always be...


People will be gone, days will grow cold again. Until then I will pretend I can live in this forever.
Celtic music playing loudly in the house, windows open, fresh salad and corn on the cob. Mom and dad randomly teasing me and poking fun just because we can and because we are alive. Where is Beth? Where is Daniel? Its so full and yet so empty. 

I sit here and wish for those days...digging potatoes then cooking them for dinner. Helping pin clothes on the line in the back yard. Now its a phone call, a text message. 

Return! Someday we will...


jhedeen said...

Melody, I became your follower so in case you hear footsteps behind you, don't worry, it's just all of us Hedeens! We aren't too sneaky or subtle, you may have noticed. Also, I want you to know that when I first heard "You Won't Relent" I made Laura help me try to record it off of "The Call (7/7/07)." I don't think it had been recorded anywhere else. What an amazing song. Such strange words, and they go right to my heart.

jhedeen said...

Also, in reference to this current post, we also must talk about time and eternity sometime. I have a very interesting combination of the spiritual nerd's take on that.