Thursday, April 30, 2009

This morning.

This morning I had my to do list timed down to the minute for waking up at 0700 and being done and ready to go by 0830. I decided, last minute, last night to set my alarm for 0600 instead of 0700. That way I could hit the snooze twice and then get up and 44 minutes ahead on my to do list. So I did! It was nice. I wasn't so bound by the clock that if someone talked to me it threw me off. Usually thats how it is. I plan my list as if no one else is around so if someone else is in the bathroom or needs to talk to me or say "hello" I am completely undone. I live by my to-do list. I know I said I was going to start to not do that, but oh well.

My list when I get home today is pretty short too! I finished some of the after work bullets before work, I feel ahead.

Today is looking as if it will be a good day :)

Ok scratch that someone just interrupted my to do list this morning but I will have to get over it.

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