Saturday, April 4, 2009


So last night was interesting. I was waiting for my oh so beloved fiance to finish his sociology paper for hours upon hours, I wasted as much time as I could and yet he was not done. I decidedly climbed onto the couch and snuggled in for the duration of the paper. Being the disciplined person I am I was determined to wait up for him. I remember thinking that thought and the next thing I remember is him waking me up...

But anyways.

It was about 2330 when he finally finished the paper. We sat down on the couch for some time together to talk face to face, we don't often get too. He smelled very good too, he must have put on the Tim McGraw cologne my parents got him for christmas (I picked it out). Well about 3 minutes into our sitting and talking about nothing in particular I said:

"Do you hear a car outside"

"Who would be coming at this time of night" was his response.

"Well I don't know but I swear I heard a car pull up..."

"It must have been for the neighbor or something..." He leaned back as if to forget about it.

"Well will you go check the door" (eyes roll and he gets up in the background we hear...)

Knock knock knock!

David walks in the door. David is one of our very best friends, he is one of Michael's groomsmen and has been a good brother type friend to me for years. He knows he is welcome any time, even at 11:30 at night apparently!

At this point we figured our night together was pretty much not going to happen, but we like David so we could easily sit back and have a conversation with him instead. David walked over and took a seat in the big leather easy chair. 

"So whats up?" Michael looked at David and asked.

"Oh just finished work, you want a sandwich?" He handed the little white box he carried in to Michael. Of course that grabbed Michael's full attention. He took the sandwich and started eating. He pulled out an onion and deliberately ate it right by my face. 
"I'm not going to kiss you if you eat that!" I said right before he stuck the slimy thing in his mouth.

"MMMMmmmm its so good, you loooove the taste of onions" He smiled and breathed nasty onion breathe on me. I hit him on the back of the head (nicely...)

At this point David looks awkwardly out the window.

Knock knock knock.

Jonny Christiansen comes through the door. Jonny is another regular and my little brother's best friend. I look at Michael and he just smiles. Jonny goes over and sits in the rocking chair. 

"So you guys just hanging out then huh?" I asked.

"(insert nervous chuckle) Yep looks that way" was Jonny's very Jonnyish reply.

Another knock. 

This time two people walk in the door.

"Gordo!" Michael says, very loudly, by my ear. 

"Dude bubs!" Was Gordo's reply. Tyler, Michael's younger brother was also with him. "Dang you guys are like having a party!" 

At this point I am lost as to what is going on. Everyone is raiding the fridge, getting pudding, milk, cookies, chips, whatever they find. David walks over and looks in the famous "m&m" jar that my mom usually keeps full. I told him we didn't have any "aw shucks" was his reply and he sat down.

At this point I figured we were about at capacity. The I heard another car...

In walks Jeff Christiansen, Jonny's little brother. 

"Are there any more of you?!" I ask as he walks in with a pudding from the fridge. I feel very much like Bilbo Baggins in the beginning of the book "The Hobbit" when all of the dwarves come into his nice dry little hobbit hole and make quite a commotion. And they just keep coming, and coming, and coming...

All the boys are just chatting away about the things boys talk about. Its kind of funny to listen to actually, every once in awhile I add my opinion. Probably more often then I should...

"Dude lets try a 3 man push up!" David says to everyone. He, Tyler, and Gordo all go down on the floor and try a 3 man push up. After a little work they figured it out. Well as you probably would have guessed the maleness reared its head and they wanted a 5 man pushup now. Michael, Tyler, Gordo, Jeff, and David proceeded to move the furniture to pull off a 5 man pushup. It worked in the end and I sat there laughing at all my boys that add spice to life. 

Thus our quiet night together was not to be. It wasn't ruined though, we had fun with all the boys. They ended the night with trying to juggle clementines in the kitchen and dropping them on the floor.

"Their all squishy!" Was Gordo's response to picking one of the damaged clementines out from its new spot under the kitchen table.

"Yeah well thats what happens when you drop them!" was my response.

"Well maybe I want to eat them!" Was Tyler's response to that and then he ate one. 

They filtered out one by one with promises to paintball and play with chainsaws the next day. Michael gave me a quick hug and kiss goodbye and went outside with the boys where they stood around their various cars, trucks, and one big van to talk for awhile. I watched for a minute then turned out the light and went into my room to read "My Utmost for His Highest" and go to bed.

It was a good night.


Tammy said...

What did my house look like for the open house? I was reading this to Oma & Opa & Dad and we're all laughing.

Melody said...

it looked perfect, I got up and cleaned :)

E. Chikeles said...

MAN I miss Red Wing...!! I hope our house is like this too...

The amazing thing about this story is that all the boys knocked... I was a bit blown away.

Melody said...

well...not all of them knocked. I may have taken some poetic frivolities there.