Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Cooking day.

Cooking day at the Delk's house! Kris makes a meal for everyday for an entire MONTH ahead of time! That way life is less stressful and food is easier to come by. Less shopping days, more convenience, but one freakishly long day of cooking. So I went over today to learn a few tricks of the trade. The "trick" I learned (mind you that is singular) was how to cut chicken. I did I think 8 whole chickens. You cut the wings, legs, thighs, breasts, and all that jazz off and its gross. And it takes a flippen long time too!  But I soldiered through it and made the entire 6 meal servings of Chicken Marinade all by me onesie.

Kris made chicken nuggets, they were super good too. 

And Penny changed the light bulb to illuminate our cooking! Haha, good pun huh? 

Joshua kept wanting hugs from Kris, it was too cute. 
But he is the cutest little thing anyways, look at these faces!

So here is me doing my chicken cutting. I think it did it for a couple hours, I feel very knowledgeable now. As I was starting I said "Kris teach me how to do this! This is the practical application of Titus 2:4!!"
We work on the spiritual application all the time, but this is the gritty, gruesome stuff. 

Ok, making chicken nuggets isn't quite so fun and happy as it may sound. I think "Chicken nuggets? Piece a cake."

But that yellow gooey stuff? Raw eggs. The chunky stuff? Raw chicken. Wow, not a good combo although I did note that it was kind of like the chicken came full circle. 

We went through all of these bottles by 9am!

Kris trying to pick out an easy menu item for me to start with. 

She's a pro at this, but really look at that kitchen. I would live in that kitchen if I could! Lucky duck. 

The counter top. Not much work space left eh?


Kristen said...

Oh, Melody, you such a great photojournalist. We were laughing histerically at those pictures of Josh. He looks pretty disfigured from the frozen blueberry smile! Thank you for all your help today, as always, you were a terrific sport. We should have captured the dancing chicken, though...

Kristen said...

Please ignore my spelling errors, I've been sniffing chicken fumes all day.

Melody said...

Hey, it was a good learning experience despite the immense gross factor.

I have about 10 more hilarious pictures of him making crazy faces with a blue mouth too :)

- Sarah :-) said...

That's such an AWESOME idea!!! I need to learn soem of these recipes. Seriously, though... can you convince your friend to send them to you to post, or e-mail them to you and I'll give you my address?

I'm really bad about cooking at home, but it's healthier AND less expensive, so I just WISH that I could. But I need recipes. Help!!!

Melody said...

I'll ask her about it for you Sarah :)
Maybe we could have an online class of how to become sueprwives!