Friday, April 10, 2009

A thought is such a random thing...

At least a thought for me is a random thing. I must have very random thoughts because when I share them most people have the same confused look on their face. You know maybe I am just too used to the fact that I am random. I have to go for a coffee is cold and simply put how can one think whilst drinking cold coffee?

(short pause)

Alright. My coffee has been reheated.

So my new project at work is this: see my patients as the Lord sees them, beautiful and precious. 

It is a lot harder than it seems. I heard the name of a frequent flyer being put in a room and I sighed and rolled my eyes and muttered the name under my breath. Why did I do that? Who knows. I hope the others around me didn't hear because what I should be doing is not despairing. Instead of seeing someone with a complaining personality and sickly disposition (or not sickly...just...yeah...) I should be seeing the fact that this person beloved of God. The God whom I claim to serve. He looks at this person the same way He looks at me: beloved. 

Then I started to get jealous. How is it God can share all of this love? I was thinking, I want Him to have the highest love for me! I want to be special somehow! Oh silly little brain of mine! As soon as that thought came to me it left with a sigh. Just because I may look a little shinier on the outside that some of the people I pass on the street doesn't mean I am anything special. I am just another sinner saved by grace. The people who are shinier than me don't deserve anything special either, we are vomitous carnal fleshbags that the Lord in His glorious mercy decided to redeem for the sake of love. Of unequal love! 

He doesn't love me because I love Him, He just plain loves me! Whether I am sinning or trying to save a chipmunk He loves me because I am precious to Him. Oh how amazing! Seriously, my face just flushed thinking about it. Its just sooo...awesome. 

Today in my date with the Lord I was reading in James. James spoke of how when we are led away by our own desires we sin. This made me think: how can I make my desires the Lord and the Lord only? Then when I am led by my desire it will be a glorious thing because my desire is righteous! So can I pray that I desire to desire the Lord? Say "Lord I want to only want You, can you help me want that?!"

I think it may be the time of night but this is all sounding revolutionary to me! 

So my goals:
-Look at people and see them as the Lord does: precious children.
-Desire to desire more of the Lord. 
-Stop drinking coffee at midnight.

Thats all for now folks :)


Uriel said...

does he really view them as His children? I can see that He loves them, but I couldn't say they're all his children unless they receive Jesus as God and believe in His Name.

Not that we shouldn't love them or say that God doesn't, we're all descended from Adam and still "one blood" - but Like Paul said in Galatians, we're supposed to do good to all people as we have opportunity, but especially those who are of the household of faith.

Melody said...

Well, not as His children, but you get what I'm saying.