Monday, April 13, 2009


Precious! Yes, I know.
Too costly to be wasted?
No! It's here I disagree.
Who else deserves the wealth of this poor heart?
The price denying other pleasures Certainly.
But what is wealth if stored up and not spent?

Extravagant! Some may say it should have been spent on the poor.
I could have spent it there for sure,
But my warmed heart is captured
By the One who gave His life to make me His.
Can I not give Him mine without reproof?

Fragrant! Let it be!
O, may this sweetness wafting through the air 
Awaken sense of many who will linger
Long enough to taste and see and know that this is not a waste.
But simply love poured out and spent.
There is no other One on whom to lavish all affection.

You ask me why I love in this abandon way?
I cannot truly say.
Except I know my heart has been awakened. 
The Loves comes to His own
And I am His, and I am known.
I will pour out and I will spend all that I have
To live in His embrace
Forever loved and giving love,
and Precious!

-Ruth Fazel
"Coming Up From the Wilderness"

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