Wednesday, April 16, 2008


told me that I blog a lot. And I do, I know.

But you see to me, its as if I am writing to no one. I have no idea who (if anybody) evens reads all of these blogs. Poor soul (if they have read all of my blogs that is).

So in writing to no one, I write a lot. 

So many things plague my mind all day long. I don't know if other people have the kind of thoughts go through their head that I do...but here is a glimpse into how I see, head and think. Seriously ask yourself if you should continue, and please do not sport with your intelligence.

Basically, I think in rhythms. Everything has a beat. From the way I walk to the amount of time I spend doing something. I walk in a beat because if I don't it would drive me crazy. I count everything and measure it out according to the rhythm in my head. I tap my foot to align with the rhythm of my breathing, I count how many seconds it takes me to pour coffee, how many steps to the doorway.

I don't know why I just have always done that. I can't breathe naturally if I am in a room with a clock because subconsciously I need to breathe in and out in alignment with the ticking of the second hand. It drives me crazy sometimes!

I can tell you that at my job in St. Cloud, their are two microwaves that beep 5 times, one that beeps 3 times and one that has a single long beep. I can tell you that the phone number dialed in the movie 'Behind Enemy Lines' is thirteen digits long. I can tell you that most American car horns beep in the key of F. I know because the key of E is perfectly ingrained into my head and I just go a whole step up from there. Weird yet?

What about if I told you I count the steps when I am running? I count the bites I eat in a meal. In order to fill a one gallon bucket full of miniature portion sized ranch dressings you need 163 of them. I don't know why I count, I just do.

I also (apparently) see to much blue. I have always thought the sofa at the coffee shop was blue, my favorite blue shirt is apparently not blue at all but grey. 

I'm not crazy and I don't always finish my counting, whenever I start something I start counting but then I get so sidetracked by things that I stop. I see a bug on a window of a moving car and wonder if a bug has minute and microscopic little fingers that grab onto the car, or if it has a sticky slime on its legs. I go to answer my phone and I sometimes just marvel so much at the thought of a cell phone that I will drop it or forget to answer it. I miss a lot of calls. 

But how amazing is a cell phone? You flip it (or now you slide it, click it, or just talk) and you are connected via your very own voice through...what? From your little microphone that picks up your voice, sends it through a wireless signal and then into a tower blah blah blah...but where does the wireless voice go? Have you ever thought that every time we walk we are in the presence of hundreds of voices traveling to a tower somewhere to be sent somewhere else. How strange? Voices that cannot talk without the right tool, voices that do not know gravity and invisibly slip through our air and into the desired subjects ear piece. Is that not amazing?

W0w, maybe I marvel to easily. What about rocks though. I always stop and look at rocks, put them in my pockets because I am a nerd like that, and I study them later. How long does it take a rock to form? A long time. I mean think of it...everytime you pick up a rock you are picking up something older than our nation. Rocks, wether earthed or unearthed, are so very old. If rocks could speak what would they say? Some rocks have been around since God created the world! How awesome is that? WOW!

So cool!

God is so awesome, He keeps me entertained by giving me this brain that just won't stop!
But I love it!

Thank You Jesus for the wonderful revelations you give me, thank You my Lord for caring!


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- Sarah :-) said...

Wow - you are starting to sound like me! I also have to take the same amount of steps with one foot as the other. If one foot steps on the crack of a sidewalk with the ball of that foot, then the other foot must do the same, in the same spot. it's like... I'm somewhat OCD, but not enough to need medication. ha ha

Just know you're not alone (as if that is any conselation) - and I also don't spell very well... but that's another story