Saturday, April 26, 2008

A new angle.

I have discovered that amazingly enough, more than three people read my blog. Hm.

Well that was fun, down to the good stuff.

I just got back from the Appleton Leadership Conference. I suppose it is actually a Pastor's conference, but I am not a pastor so I will just call it a leadership conference. I did learn a lot this weekend.

One of the big things that was driven home is that who and what we think is good for the Lord to us is not always (well not even usually) the case. Think of David, he was the least out of his brothers. Even Samuel was surprised at him being the chosen one for the King of Israel. Yet God used him in mighty ways. There are so many instances in the bible of God using people that we would consider unlikely candidates for heroics, yet he uses them and shows that through Him, all things are possible. How wonderful!

I think of this is pertaining directly to my two ministries, worship leader and coffee shop manager. As a worship leader I suppose I look quite often at the outside, at the face value talent. The heart, yeah thats good too, but I want us to sound good. It drives me crazy when people can't play on time, or when they sing out of key, or when they can't get it right. Music is so natural and easy for me that I have become a bit of a snob in this area. It is not good, I know that. I really need to find a way to get out of the mindset that every worship service needs to sound better than the last, needs to be pristine. If I have it all handled, why do I need the Lord?

If I have it managed and I have everyone trained down to the last millisecond of timing, do I have a need to rely on God? If I have the most talented of all musicians in my team, will God be glorified?

Would God be glorified if a timid person who did not sing well, did not play guitar too well, got up and sang in front of a crowd? Got up on stage, closed their eyes and just poured their heart out to the Lord without a care on technicality, bring more glory to God than me who can lead worship for Sunday in 10 minutes notice with no practice? Hmm...

In my weakness, God is glorified. He is glorified through the talent He has bestowed on me, yes. However, I believe that if there was a dance ministry in our church, I would need to be in it.

Because you see I cannot dance to save my life. If someone were blessed by my dance, we would know all the glory would need to go to the Lord.
So Lord, help me on this one a bit please!

But I still am going to make sure that when I do worship tomorrow, it sounds good. I am not going to start singing off key with the crazy notion that it will bring more glory to God, I suppose this revelation has been so that I learn to extend grace to a heart who truly just wants to worship God.

Also, this whole bargain bride thing is going a little bit far. I thought it was a joke at first, but my dad seems quite serious. Hmm...well we shall see. I suppose the Lord has it all planned out, and I don't want to marry anyone but the one He has picked out for me. So lets see who that is!

If he is the dude who can play guitar, sing, and be ridiculously cute and in love with the Lord, than WOOT WOOT!

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