Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The lameness ensues...

I am upset.
You see, I have just bee browsing the internet for any type of scholarship or financial aid (which I do very often just hoping that I can get something) and guess what...
Since I:
a.)Did not get knocked up in high school
b.)Am not a minority
c.)Am not the child of someone who was deported for illegal immigration
d.)Am not black
e.)Am not Native American enough
f.)Do not come from a troubled background
g.)Am not a disadvantaged person
h.)Have no physical disabilities
i.)Have never been incarcerated
j.)Have never been in a rehab program
k.)Have good grades (its either the best of the best grades or the worst of the worst apparently)
l.)Am healthy
m.)Have two healthy parents
n.)Do not qualify for food stamps.

jeez the list just goes on and on.
Basically, because I made it this far in life without making big mistakes I should be able to pay for college. If I made mistakes, however, they would pay for it. Because I am an average, middle class white girl I get nothing. If I were a Mexican lower class or even a Mexican higher class I would get aid and scholarships. If I were a Native I would get aid and scholarships galore. 

There seems to be something very wrong with that.

And its so depressing to know that I can't get a freaking break!

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Tammy said...

Ahhhh, but we do now qualify for food stamps. Yipee!