Sunday, April 20, 2008

Another day another blog.

I do wish that could read another day another dollar, but since I made no dollars today that is thoroughly inapplicable. 

So today I begged my friend Jordan (Gordo) and he gave me a Toyota forerunner. Funny thing is, the circle of ownership went as so: My brother in law Kevin gave it to his brother Luke, who doesn't know anything about cars so he ran it into the ground without over putting antifreeze or oil into it, when it died he gave it to Gordo and then Gordo gave it to me! 

So maybe it is like my second cousin...the car I mean. 

I wish so badly that it would work because the late 80's toyota forerunners are my favorite of cars. What makes them my favorite is the fact that the top is removable and it becomes like this safari vehicle. I love them.

So my heart is sad that it is broken. Yet...lingering happiness somehow also resides in the knowledge that he gave it to it is mine. Yes, I have a forerunner. Woot woot!

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