Saturday, April 12, 2008

For the times...

For the time when I feel faint, when I want to give up. When I see that people aren't changing and that bitterness has a root. 
For the times when I feel the urge to step in the ring and show the doubters what I am made of, which should be humility and not arguing. 
For the times when I feel as though I should give up, not that I just want too. 
Lord, I know it is in those times. 
It is in those times that I need you, and it is in those times that you say to me 'Do not fear'!
Oh, my Lord, my Love. I love you, and I am so thankful for You.

'You draw me near on the day I called out to You and said 'Do not fear!' 
Lamentations 3:57

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