Monday, April 14, 2008

I really...

Want 270$. Well actually I want 3000$ to finish paying off college, but 270$ to just plop down in my lap right now for no reason so that I can take it as a sign. 

LOL but then doesn't Jesus tell us that an evil generation looks for 'signs and wonders'? 

Ohhhh...everything seems to fill my mind and I am still left at a blank.

Lord, you have never failed in providing for me before. Ever. I have always had more than enough. In this time when I am being humbled, when my family is being humbled, I trust that You will lead us. 

Oh Lord help me not to despise the day of small things! Lord I have so many plans that require money that I do not have. Yet, Your will be done and not mine. I know you will provide a way!

And Lord, when the desires of my heart are in one place, help my soul to find rest where I am. I long to be somewhere I'm not, but I know you have me here for a reason. Lord I want to be patient!

Oh Father, your will be done and not mine! I have seen it proved in the past that Your will works and mine never does! It is so hard to wait! And to not know! Especially when the heart is involved.

Jesus, you are the rock that is higher than I. You are the only thing in my life that is firm, constant and unwavering. I thank you for my family, and for all my blessings, but even more I thank you for you. For your grace and mercy!

Lord truly your mercies are new every morning!

And Lord...if you could spare 270$...

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