Sunday, April 13, 2008

I have decided...

I have decided that watching a movie with a questionable 'love' (or lust) scene is the same as blatantly looking at pornography. It is a matter of the heart, and guys (and girls too, but not as much) don't even try telling me that your mind doesn't go there. 

How is it any different?

The Lord is concerned with the heart and not with the subject matter. I can guarantee that both of those things (the love scene and pornograhy) are not going to glorify God, therefore, it is a waste of your time anyway. 

I have just been disgusted recently at the movies I have heard my brothers and sister claim to have watched, and even worse, to have really liked.

The movie 300 for instance has a sex scene in it. Sex isn't bad, but its not supposed to be onscreen! And it is not supposed to be something to "Awaken before its time" as is stated in Song of Solomon. When you watch an onscreen couple do that (even if its not 'for real') it is committing adultery in your heart. And if you say 'Well I wasn't committing adultery in my heart!' thats ok, you broke a different command by setting something vile before your eyes. And yes, watching other people (and even paying to do so) take part in one of the most holy of covenants between a man and a woman who are one in marriage, is a vile thing.

Now think of all the movies that show love scenes between unmarried people! It is staggering! There is a new movie, Atonement, that so many of my friends claimed to absolutely love. Well, sorry guys, but its time for reevaluation. There is a love scene in that movie (I have not seen it but I read a review that made me say that I will NEVER see it) that does not show anything, however it does not skimp on the sound effects and certain aspects of this 'love' that are enough to make a grown man blush. 

Also in this movie, the girl is swimming in a see through top. OK, if you are on your own and off in the middle of no where, go ahead. I don't not know a young man who can look at that without getting a switch flipped in his head. That is the way guys are wired, why feed it and tempt your morality?

Girls, its time to protect our brothers. We may whine that guys are dogs and shouldn't think the way they do, but could you stop thinking that way you do when you are tempted with something?

Sisters, imagine this with me. 

We are all sitting just having a good time talking and laughing. Someone brings out the most wonderful delicious looking french silk pie you have ever seen! Unfortunately, they tell that although you have seen it be brought in there, and even though it is pretty to look at and would taste wonderful, your not aloud to touch it. In fact, your not even aloud to think about it! After a half hour, I bet everyone of the girls in the room would have at least thought about that pie much less want, and desire to eat it.

That is how our bodies (as girls) are for the guys. They see something and wether they want it to or not, it flips a switch. Some guys are attentive to this and strive to keep their thoughts clean but sisters why should we tempt a guy with a piece of pie he cannot touch? And them punish him for thinking about it? Why not instead protect our brothers with our modesty and meekness. 

And as for movies, even if it does not 'take you there', watch it. You may not realize what it does to your brothers, and to those around you. And you may not know what kind of a witness you are setting for the world. Imagine a new believer who knows you went and saw the 300 or Atonement. They know what kind of scenes are in there. They have always admired you and looked up to you as a believer and so, knowing that you saw these movies too, they deem them ok. Now they think that you believe these things are acceptable because you choose to entertain yourself with them. If that doesn't stop you in your tracks and make you repent, than it is time to take a chisel to that heart of stone!

God desires our devotion, our hearts. He wants us pure not because He wants to take all of our fun away but because He wants us to have the most fun with what He has designed. 

My brothers and sisters I would encourage you to look at your entertainment, to look at what you fill your head with and test it next to Philipians 4:8 'Finally brothers whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable, if anything is excellent or praiseworthy, think on such things.'

I am not saying I have arrived, because I haven't. This is a challenge and very convicting to me also. I hope I offended you enough for you to think about changing, but please don't be mad at me but at sin. And then turn from it and never look back!

OH JESUS IS AWESOME! How blessed are we to have One who cares so much about the health of our thoughts and our hearts!?

Thank you my Lord, my Love for you mercy and your grace. You are amazing to me!
Help me to walk in this way you have set that is narrow but so full of wonder and amazement! SO full of love and provision. Oh my Lord and my Love I truly love you!


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