Monday, April 14, 2008

If it feels to good to be is true. Well with Jesus anyways...

"Behold! The Lords hand is not shortened that He cannot save, nor His ear heavy that it cannot hear. But YOUR iniquities have separated you from your God, and your sins have hidden His face from you so that He will not hear" Isaiah 59:1-2

For those people who read the last blog and were offended, or who think that the truth should be watered down for a generation accustomed to sin, I'm sorry but this verse is the outcome of that. 
It is OUR SIN that separates us from God, if you want to be separated, and you want to walk in sin, then go ahead. God's desire is for you!

Can you imagine that? The creator of the universe desires you! 

Picture this:

A young man is standing at the alter. He is dressed in the finest tuxedo available and is anxiously awaiting his bride. He has waited for this day for so long! Now finally, she will be his. 

The music starts and the door opens. His breathe leaves him as she walks in the door, so beautiful. She walks down the aisle towards him, their eyes are locked and the love is so great. As she continues down the aisle, another man from the crowd stands up and calls her name. She fidgets a little but keeps walking, looking ever towards her groom. Another man stands and calls louder. She wants to look. She keeps walking.

Finally a man right next to the aisle stands up and reaches out to her. She looks at him and in the moment her eyes are off her groom. This other man gets her attention. This is other man is somewhat dashing, he looks like he could be fun. There is even something intriguing and dangerous about him... but her groom is waiting. Well...what if she was making a mistake? What if the guy she was marrying wasn't the best? She hadn't tried it all yet, why give up a life that could be unlived for such a clean cut guy who looks so sincere? She took a step out of the aisle. 

The young man is devastated, that was his bride. She walks away with this other man leaving him there, full of anticipation for her.

Years later the groom is still waiting for his bride to come back to him. He has called her, he has been there every time she has needed him. She called him when she needed bills payed and she didn't know where the money would come from, she called him when she was worried she wouldn't survive the night in such a lonely dark place as the places she now lived. He always came to her without questioning.

After 10 years she called him again. This time, she said, she was done. She couldn't do it anymore. She had tried living with this other man, but it never fulfilled. He left her empty, broke, and alone. She had lived what the man had called fun but all it got her was bills and a lonely life.

She says to the man who she once was supposed to marry "I'm sorry I left you. I know now that had I gone with you I would have saved myself all of this trouble". She cries. Yet, to her surprise the man never flinches, never tells her that she's right, she should have come with him. He just takes her hand and says "I love you, I still desire you".

She cries. They again prepare for a wedding. 

The scene is similar to the one 10 years before: the young man, now an older man, is waiting nervously. He is so full of anticipation for his bride! The music starts, the doors open and there she is: breathtaking. 

She starts down the aisle. This time she doesn't make it two steps before someone stands and calls out to her. She walks on, keeping her eyes on the groom. With every step a new person cries out to her, yet she walks. She is 3 steps away from her groom, and someone steps in front of her. She tries to keep walking, but he is in the path. She can still see her groom just beyond him. She will not, will NOT take her eyes off of her groom this time! 

But she can't get around it. The man in her way says to her, loud enough for all to hear "You lived with me for ten years and you were fine with it why is it different now?". Tears come to her eyes as she stares at her groom realizing that she is no different. As she starts to drop her gaze the man is pushed to the side and she looks up to see her groom, his hand extended to her standing in the place of the man. 

"My love" he says "I have waited for you for so long, don't be distracted by these things that will not fill you! I desire you!"

She reaches for his hand and they make it to the alter together. She can't look back. There is nothing to see. 

It says in the word that God forgets our sin as soon as we have committed it. That through the blood of His son we are able to come before Him, presented blameless. 

We have this wonderful groom waiting for us, so full of anticipation and yet we choose to go after these second rate loves! This story is true, it may seem ridiculous but is this not what we do to our Lord over and over again? We pretend as though we are in a wedding, we pretend as though we are devoted and than when sin calls us we go to it again and again. 

Because we know God will take us back, we sin. I have come to see though that I should not sin not because it is bad, but because it hurts the one I love. It drives a wedge in between us because He cannot be a part of sin "And your sins have hidden His face from you" Isaiah 59:2

All I want to say is, why choose sin, great or small. Movies, music, books, thoughts, why.

I encourage you to think on this. I know I have, and it has been so very convicting.
Thank you Jesus!

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