Wednesday, May 13, 2009


So today my mom and dad left for Canada. Not for good yet, they will be home Monday or Tuesday and then will be around until the 24th. After that its hasta la vista.

It was actually really sad, I think my dad realized as we were saying goodbye that its...goobye. Its not going to be the same anymore. This realization became acute to me as I went to church, the place I have always seen my dad (maybe even more than I saw him in our own house) for the last nine years. He wasn't there. Mom wasn't there. It stunk.

So now I am at home, my little brother is back from college so thats nice. Even though he plays loud music I prefer that to the lonely silence I will have around here tomorrow night. How disconcerting.

Basically, I know it will be hard to not see my parents. Especially my dad since he will only be back a couple of times a year (mom you know I love and will miss you a lot too) and, gotta tell you, I'm a daddy's girl. So today it just made me think (while my dad and I stood in the driveway crying) about all the great times we've had together.

Here are some things me and Dad have done together:
Went to Israel together (twice)
Have driven to chicago many times.
Made random inventions.
Sword fought in the front and back yards (moved to the back when the neighbors got weirded out)
Let me mascara his beard.
Taught me about nuclear chemistry.
Studied the word together for near hours. (how is it dad's just know the answers!?)
Made plenty of pancakes.
Hiked barn bluff the day after he lost his job, just the two of us, to watch the sun rise.
Ate at Larry's Broiler :)
Played golf.
Taught me (and probably gained gray hairs doing so) to drive both regular and stick shift.
Sat on the roof to watch thunder storms.
Sat on the silo to watch thunderstorms.
Got chastised about being on high areas watching thunderstorms.
Tried to train our little fat welsh pony together, and failed.
Taught me to shoot.
Taught me to change the oil in a car.
Let me "help" work on cars when I was little even though all I did was bang on random pieces with a wrench.
Jumped on the trampoline a lot!
Taught me how to paint, cut in on the ceiling, and how to properly hold a paintbrush.
"I sorry daddy!"
He can call me "little girl" all the time and sometimes it scares the life out of me and other times its the best name.
We have a "secret handshake" thats actually a mirror of one he has with his twin brother.

Wow this list is going to be too long if I keep going. Basically, I love you daddy :)

And momma, I love you too!


E. Chikeles said...

sniff, sniff... memories...

Dirk said...

Wow... now I'm crying again.... but it is a good!

- Sarah :-) said...

Oh jeez. Why are they moving, again??