Thursday, May 7, 2009

Cake decorating.

Today I spent the day *again* at Kris's house making the cake for my sisters baby shower! I wish I could post pictures of the cake itself but since I know my dear sister will read this, I can't. I want it to be a surprise :)

So you will get the general jist of it and have a couple of hints as to what the theme is and what it does look like, only you won't see the whole cake or the key components.

About 2 hours into our cooking day Kris got a call from the hospital asking her to work a 12 hour shift overnight tonight instead of a 12 hour tomorrow for the day. She said yes and after getting me squared away and showing her skills she went to bed and I finished the cake. After putting a three year old down for a nap, changing a VERY poopy diaper and holding a kid on my back in a baby carrier I felt a little like super woman. "I can do this!" I thought. And yes, apparently I could. Hey, maybe it was a one time God-gifted endurance but I was able to decorate probably the best cake I have made yet and to top it all off I was shaking and starting to get a migraine (which is getting worse as I type, so I'm going to make this short).

Hannah trying to find the right tip in the big black box of cake decorating stuff.

Me with a baby on my back working on the cake :)

The master at work.

Trying to teach me something about how to put fondant on a cake. I've done it before but I'm definitely not as good as she is.

Its called skill.


Kristen said...

It was truly a good day. Thank YOU for sharing your fondant skills with me! You are too modest.

E. Chikeles said...

Darn it. I was hoping for a sneak peak...

- Sarah :-) said...

Wwoooww. I'm totally impressed!