Monday, May 4, 2009

So last night I went horseback riding again. It was very fun, there is nothing quite like relaxing to the rhythm of riding a horse.

Well Laura and I rode over to Kris's house leading another horse so that when we got there Kris could go riding with us. When we did get there my horse was being a butt and since Kris is pretty much the horse whisperer she took my horse (Ginger) and I took the big fat cow of a horse Shawnie. Shawnie has the worst trot EVER and is very bouncy. But big perk! I got to give Joshua a ride too!

He went with us grinning the whole way sitting in front of me in the saddle (it is a very large saddle). Halfway through the ride though, he fell asleep! It was so adorable. He was just completely out. He kept on sliding from side to side and I really didn't want to drop him so I figured out a way to wrap my arm around him so that I was holding his head from flopping while still securing his body (and leading the horse with the other hand, this is where the big fat cow part is kind of handy). I realized after a bit that it was a little like Lord of the Rings where (in the movie, I am enough of a nerd to know that this is not how it happened in the book) Arwen takes Frodo to Rivendell and he is in the saddle in front of her. I told Kris and Laura "I feel like Arwen holding Frodo! I have my own little hobbit!" They thought it was funny, but seriously, thats what it was like! I kept laughing to myself the whole way back and Joshua was just so cute sleeping there. Laura decided I look like an elf so I found a picture of me and a picture of Arwen. (this is the most elfy picture I could think of?)

Even if I don't look like an elf, I do look extremely pale.

Not that that makes it anymore Elvish, just an observation.


Kristen said...

Hilarious! You do look like her, and I especially like that you actually found a picture of Frodo lolling around in front of her. Just like Joshua! Adorable.

- Sarah :-) said...

Aww - that sounds SO cute!! I wanna see a pic of you cradling him on the horse. PLEASE tell me someone got one?!

PS: I want to go horseback riding!!!