Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sitting waiting wishing.

Well, how so much can transpire in merely days I do not know. And yet no day stands apart in my mind as being significant above another. This life is so strange. 

Michael is leaving Thursday and I won't see him for 6 days. Its strange because it will be the longest we have gone without seeing each other since we started dating in August! Now I don't like to dredge up the past but I have too. When I dated Caleb we had about 1/3 of our relationship (all in all I think it was about 4 months long and we saw each other for 2.5 months) long distance. 2000 miles long distance, and yet I was fine. Sure it was hard because after our talks there was no hug and no anything special to say goodbye with other than "Goodbye", but when our relationship ended I was happy that we had been apart and that I could step back and realize how much we so definitely did not fit together. Even when he was here I longed for alone time and wished he could find friends so I could have girl time or anytime! Not saying he is a bad guy, just not right for me. This is all a precurser to be able to say that I am really dreading Michael going away for only a few days. Honestly, I usually like it when people leave. I like having alone time and not entertaining people or pushing activities and conversation so this is a new emotion for me. Its hard! I almost think it would be easier if he were going far away for a long time then going 200 miles away for a short time. There is a certain mysterious romance in a long distance...a constant looking forward to the next meeting and every cherished conversation. Yet, when someone travels not too far and for not too long, one looks rather stupid to be down about it. 

So over all here is my conclusion: 
#1-Long distance relationships are hard yes...but I kind of miss the mystery of it.
#2-Short term long distance sucks.
#3-Michael is the most amazing man EVER!
#4-I don't know why I made number points but I wanted too.

I guess I am coming to terms with the fact that I absolutely adore Michael. I guess its a good thing, but seriously, I am not used to falling for someone. After the men (and don't take this as an arrogant thing, more of a thing said in the way Jane from "Becoming Jane" screams "Aren't there any other women in Hartfordshire!" esque) who have fallen for me, and there have been far too many which shows that men are somewhat out of their minds these days, I feel almost silly for falling for one of their kind! Nevertheless he has bewitched me body and soul. Hopefully he feels the same! 

Oh and I got my wishes in him!
(more number points...in no particular order other than the first one)
#1-He is a Godly man
#2-He is a manly man! (I really can't stand girly drama queen men! Michael is a man's man, steak, potatoes, and a gun.)
#3-He likes to look nice, but doesn't obsess over it.
#4-We have good conversation.
#5-He is active and has hobbies beyond me, us, and our future! (This has been a problem in the past, I can't stand tunnel vision because then when the path widens they don't know what to do!)
#6-He is a strong man.
#7-I have never seen him lose a fight, and even though his younger brother is taller and looks stronger, he can't beat Michael in anything (except for running, but Michael sprained his ankle in a car accident last summer...) I love that!
#8-He lets me do his hair.
#9-He feels strongly about politics but he isn't a snob.
#10-He knows how to make things in a woodshop and can do manual labor.
#11-He would be a missionary if he felt the Lord was calling him to it.
#12-I could go on and on but I doubt any of you care.
#13-Number twelve barely even counts as a valid bullet point yet you kept reading?

Anyways. I have to get up early for work tomorrow, and I am sick so I should sleep.

I hope you like my new layout and peace be upon you!


E. Chikeles said...

I LOVE the new layout... and dare I say it... you sound like you've fallen in love. =) Awwww...

He's a lucky guy and even better, he's a likeable guy.

- Sarah :-) said...

Umm... YES I kept reading past #12. Who wouldn't?! I LOVE that you made numbered bullet points. :-)

And I LOVE that you "like" Michael so much. You two are TOO cute!!! (notice the quotes on "like"... gee I wonder why I used quotes.)


Melody said...

lol Sarah.

Of course he is likeable Beth! What do you think I pick losers??
lol don't answer that.

Tammy said...

I agree with Beth's diagnosis, it sounds like love to me too.

Did it hurt?

To fall, I mean.