Friday, November 21, 2008

Caribou. Again.

I realized while typing that title that I have already titled a blog "Caribou". I must spend to much time here! Anyways...

I am here tonight doing sound techy stuff for a concert by the lovely Anna Hoffbeck. She is quite good. I think she is only 15 so in a few years she will probably be amazing. Keep your eye out for this one, she has a lot of potential. 

Oh and I am doing a concert December 12th at 7pm. Come on over if you have a chance cause it is going to be fun! I am kind of excited. Actually I just walked downstairs to get a drink and the barista (who knows my name, funny) asked me if I ever wanted to do another concert here. I said  "sure!" and she handed me the calender and I signed on the line. Good stuff. I have a lot of new songs that I am stoked about introducing too.

In other news, I have Bronchitis. I thought it was just a little cold that was going to go away but alas, my mother sent me to the doctor and it is bronchitis. My doctor is pretty cool, she makes me want to finish school. lol, I was going to finish anyways but she gave me some inspiration. And she asked me some interesting questions that I only answered with "Well I'll call you when I get married and that applies!" She laughed and then said "Well is that a possibility?" I was like.....uh.....then I started thinking and said "Yes it is a distinct possibility, I just think it will take him awhile to get the nerve to ask me." She looked surprised and happy, she has known me for a long time. She said to let me know when it happens because she was interested when I told her I was his first girlfriend and that he almost died the first time he tried to hold my hand. She laughed wide eyed at that one. 

I think it will be a long time before he gets the nerve to ask me. Hopefully it won't because of every man I have and I think I ever will meet he is the best. I can't see myself with anyone else and I just want to be with him.

So today at work this little boy who is my favorite, Tayeshawn, started to become quite attached to me. He has been growing this way for awhile but today it hit a climax. When I entered the room he ran from the other side of the room and yelled "Ama ama!" that is what he calls me, and jumped at me and latched onto my legs. So obviously I picked him up and held him for awhile. Then he pitched a fit every time he saw me because I wouldn't stop and pick him up. It tore my heart up! I just wanted to stop and hold him and make him stop crying but he is in the toddler room and I work in the preschool room. It was sad. So every time I passed by he would hold out his chubby little arms and cry for me.

Anyways. Its nice to be loved, its nice to be the only person who can make him stop crying and the only one that he wants to hold him.

Michael is still gone, and I can't talk to him.

Sad life.


- Sarah :-) said...

You guys are TOO cute! and I WISH i could come see your concert. Any chance you'll have someone record it for me???

Melody said...

Well I could try...we'll see :)