Sunday, July 13, 2008

Next Year...

Although 22 is not that big of a deal, I am actually going to do something organized and fun on my 22 birthday. Just so you know. 
Thanks to Brette, My parents, Nate, and my sister for giving me birthday presents! Yes...I only received four gifts, but hey they were good ones. I am still learning how to deal with the fact that this day, as important as it is to me doesn't matter to anyone else as is proved this last week.
My dad had a really good sermon today, you should listen to it on podcast. It was on psalm 63. 
Also, I want to get a motorcycle. 
And Josie is sick, so pray for her.
Also, people if you could pray for me, I have another accelerated class (actually its a phi theta kappa class too so its hard) and I have a lot on my plate academically already. So I guess if you would just pray that I stay focused, and pass all four of my summer classes that would be good. And maybe not just pass, but do really well too. 
Thats all for now folks, I should go to bed!

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