Thursday, July 31, 2008

It's a triviality...

But really I am confused.
It's seems like life is so short, and so long at the same time. My Opa (Grandpa) and my Grandma are both going downhill and it just sucks. Yet it feels like I am permanantly stuck in this stage of my life. Its hard to think that pretty soon I will be where they are, isn't it interesting that life has that cycle and has for so many generations. Since the beginning of time actually...people are born, live, grow old and die.
Its sobering really to know that. We only have one chance to live each day, so how are you doing at that? Soon you will be old and at the end, and won't you want to be able to look back with joy at how you lived? I know I will.
I want the Lord to greet me and say "Well done my good and faithful servant, you did well with what I gave you". I need to start doing well now and not waiting for some monumental thing to happen in my life to spur me on to being extraordinary. I need to be that way for the Lord everyday.
Anyways...I have to go give an oral presentation on Graves Disease for Lab so hasta!

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