Sunday, July 27, 2008

I love trucks.

So I have spent the last three days directing traffic and hanging out at the Little Log House Antique Power Show. Basically, that is three days of seeing big trucks, tractors, and the cute boys that drive them! Not bad, if I do say so. 
Ok, I am a hick. I'll let that out of the bag right now. I used to ride my horses in the fair, I showed chickens and pigs I mean how much more hick do you get. But I love it! I love the big truck, country music, big belt buckles and all. I love it because not only do I fit in easily without any effort, but its so much more fun than being hoity toity and going out all the time. Being in the city isn't too bad for a little while, but people are stuck up. I get so sick of that!
You put on a big belt buckle and some boots and you have about 50 close friends all of a sudden that will give you a coke (or a beer, but I said no) and let you see in their truck, its great. There is so much more acceptance and just plain fun. 
Plus, dude. I need one of those trucks. 
072608_1252[00].jpgThe guy who owned this one was really cute, and a flirt, but hey. Thats the perk of being a country girl every once in a while!
I want a lifted old 70's chevy, jet black, with a chrome tool box, tail pipe, bumpers, and roll bar!

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