Friday, June 20, 2008

What word but 'weight' will generate a response?

Funny that the first blog I write about losing weight has generated the most response in its short lived day. How interesting.
I am sitting in Caribou, I should be studying. An open Anatomy and Physiology book is staring me in the face, teasing me sort of saying 'ha I know you don't want to look at me but you HAVE TOO!'
Oh the days.
Summer feels like it is going to be worthless. I need a job, but I really need to study. If I don't study I am going to fail. Or get a C which is almost like failing. But, during the few hours of the day I have that I am not studying, I feel so incredibly lazy and I want to work. But what job is going to hire me simply from 1:00-9:00 monday, 3 hours on tuesday and thursday, 2 hours on wednesday... oh you get the point. Although I am not in school or working those hours its not enough time to work. BUT ITS DRIVING ME CRAZY. 
Ugh I think I am going to go pick up shifts at target. Its about all I can do and I need money and even more I need to not feel lazy. 
SO there. 
This is the most worthless nothing of a blog I have ever posted but it is dang reality.


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