Monday, June 16, 2008


Sitting in Caribou Coffee drinking a tall Americano, studying for my Anatomy and Physiology II exam that is only an hour and 22 minutes away. Summer shouldn't be like this...
I love learning, but right now I hate school. I want to just fall asleep and forget about responsibilities for awhile. It seems like when I am not working on school, I am worrying about school. Or driving to class, or doing homework. Maybe I should have been a liberal arts major.
But medicine is just so much fun!
all summer long...
Someday I will actually do something important, and even if nobody knows about it I will have done it and that will satisify me. Maybe I will go save a bunch of people that are dying from Malaria or something in Africa. That would be heroic. But what if my call is to be a mom and teach me kids? Could I actually live with that? I mean thats not a bad call by any means, but I think it would drive me crazy and I can't picture myself doing that. I want to do so much more!
I know I am different than my friends...and my family. Other than Daniel. Daniel and I feel the same way about this. Could we be content living the life that we see everyone else live? He thinks not. I think not. We were made for something more and this just doesn't cut it. But I suppose I will have to wait and see what that something is.

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