Monday, June 23, 2008


I taught Brette to drive Josie the Rabbit today. She's a stick shift, so not everyone drive her well. She did really good too, and we cruised the strip down by the levee about 6 times. It was fun though. Then we went out in the country and took some pictures!
I have a couple concerts coming up that I have to make posters for so I wanted her to take some pics of me with my guitar, but I ended up getting a bunch of her with my guitar also. It was way fun and the pictures all turned out awesome! So here are a few:

BMR - 51.jpg

BMR - 53.jpg

BMR - 49.jpg

BMR - 48.jpg

BMR - 32.jpg

And now for some I took!

BMR - 44.jpg

BMR - 24.jpg

BMR - 17.jpg

BMR - 41.jpg

BMR - 19.jpgAnd some craziness!

BMR - 09.jpg


Tammy said...

The picture at the top of your page, the one with the close up of the grass, reminds me of the new Pride & Prejudice movie.

Uriel said...

I wish I were as photogenic as you, but then again I have no need for posters advertising my concerts. By the way, I can add those concerts to the very small list of things I miss about Minnesota.