Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The court room chapter 2

Well part of it anyways...I started chapter 2 but didn't get very far yet. Hopefully I will have time someday to be creative.

Chapter 2


Law: Mr. Mostly you say that you did not realize you would be condemned for not…how should be put it…upholding the standards of the Bible. Do you feel as though you are being condemned?


Mostly: Yes I do.


Law: Why is that?


Mostly: Because I tried to be a good person. I tried to do the right stuff and now I’m here and I don’t understand why there is all this confusion, I remember..


Law: Can you please tell the court for the record the story of your conversion to Christianity, with a slight background of what you were before?


Mostly: (Timidly at first) Well I was never really a bad guy. I tried a few of the scene things, but I didn’t really think it was fun. I had a better time just hanging out and watching movies and stuff. I mean, drugs are stupid and so is drinking its like a waste of time and money.

            I used to really like going to church on Saturday nights too. The church I went to had a coffee shop and it was open on Saturday’s and we would all go play like ping pong and hacky sack and stuff. It was a lot of fun, and its always better to be at a church instead of out like drinking or something.

            I even got to go on missions trips and stuff. I helped build houses, and did skits for the kids. It seemed like all the people in the church really liked me too. They were always asking me to pray for them and stuff. The only thing I can think of that I didn’t really do well was like worship and the actual teaching. I never really got into worship, I thought it was kind of boring, just like singing. It didn’t seem to have a point. And I always thought the teaching was so boring, I would like check the clock every like 30 seconds to see when we would finally be done. 

            Other than that I tried not to swear, I tried to have good thoughts, and I basically did well I think. Or at least I thought before I came here… (Grace cuts him off)


Law: Did you ever read the bible?


Mostly: Well not every day but like every once in awhile if things started to go down hill I would pick it up and read something. Usually I would turn to Proverbs and see all the things I should do or to the stories in the beginning of the bible cause they were really interesting.


Law: Why is it do you think that you found worship boring? And the teaching boring?


Mostly: What?


Law: Well there must be a reason. Do you really think that everyone would keep going to church if they found it as dull as you did?


Mr. Grace: Objection Your Honor this whole sequence is argumentative.


Pentateuch: Mr. Grace not everything pointed at the witness is argumentative. I am finding this information useful as I think the jury is as well, however Ms. Law please keep the personal remarks and observations to yourself.


Law: Yes Your Honor. Mr. Mostly what I am getting at is that there is an obvious lack of interest in anything actually encouraging a Christian lifestyle. I myself know plenty of people who hang out every week and don’t drink or sleep around. That basically sounds like you, church was a social function for you.

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