Monday, August 16, 2010

The One.

He is the one, the eyes that could hold me forever.
Although, being held in his arms feels even better...
During the hours of the day I wonder,
Should it be this way?
Should we daily have to work apart,
Not see one another,
Not hold one another,
Or was there a better plan?

His and old spice and wait,
A hint of garlic.
His smell could hold me forever,
Even the scent in his breathe
That is always present,
No matter how he brushes.
There is no where I could feel safer
Than when he wraps his thick, heavy arms around me.
Those arms, the darkly tanned skin, the hard muscle,
They are safety, comfort, love.

I lay my head on his chest,
I feel his heart beat against my head.
I feel our child moving inside me
As I take in the time we have together.
Could it last forever?
If it could, I wish it would.
But in 8 hours...8 short hours...

We rise again.
The coffee is on, the automatic timer in the morning
Makes getting up oh so much easier.
When dark roast greets us with a soft scent.
He sits in his office and studies the word,
I sit on the deck and take in the world,
While we spend time with our Lord.

A quick kiss goodbye, a lingering look...
"I love you"
and a sigh.
He doesn't want to go.
"I love you too"
I don't want him to go either.
I will be home, folding the laundry,
Cleaning the house,
Buying the groceries,
He will be out,
Working till dusk,
Wearing himself thin
To provide.

And then...
The dog starts wagging his tail and runs to the door.
I glance quickly in the mirror,
A day of work leaves much to be desired in my hair and face.
I can look outside and see,
He is playing with the dog.
The dog he loves to much,
Then he stands and comes to the door,
I wait for him.
He drops everything and holds me
Until I feel I can let him go.
"I love you"
He always says softly,
Into my neck, where he rests his head.
While I wrap my arms around him too.
Our daily routine
The long embrace.
The knowing it will happen again tomorrow.

But tonight,
We can be together.
We can sit side by side,
Read, watch, play, eat.
Does it matter?
Thats all we need.
Please don't let time slip away from us...


E. Chikeles said...

Oh how romantic!! :) I hope you guys keep the fire always...

Tammy said...

This makes me smile really big.

rebekah said...

i love this.