Tuesday, August 10, 2010

National Treasure

So while reading the word yesterday I was struck by how confused I was. Am I supposed to be so confused? I found myself thinking like Riley, my favorite character in the National Treasure movies. He is frustrated after the movie has been going for about an hour and they have been through a lot only to find out that what they have found is only another clue leading to another clue leading to the treasure.
He says "what?! Another clue?! Why couldn't they just say "Go to this place, here's the treasure spend it wisely?"
Sometimes that is how I wish the bible was. Here's the guidelines, follow them wisely. I was reading 1 Corinthians about how women should keep their head covered and how man was not created for woman but woman for man. Then it throws a verse in there and says "because of the angels". What the heck? I don't get it. I really like Matthew 5. Very straight forward. I am currently studying in Luke...also nice and straight forward. I wish I were smarter and didn't have the Riley Poole brain!

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DCedergren said...

I have come across that same issue. It is like talking to a professor who is so knowledgeable that he throws numbers and thoughts out there that are so far above my thinking, I am wondering how does he know that?

Apparently this passage was for the Corinthians and the Corintians only. Not that we are not to learn from it, but Paul was addressing a cultural concern.

The whole issue is authority, humility, structure, order, not mayhem.

Mayhem was the order of the day, and usually is in wonton debauchery, which is what this port city was known for.

Also remember that Paul had been there for 18 months teaching and this letter is sent back to them when Paul is in Galatia and hears things going on. In just a few months of him being gone, they started to stray.

The Angels- Could it be that Satan created such mayhem that the Angels who stayed true to the Lord are now very concerned about order, structure, authority, humility? I think so. At least 1/3 have have fallen, and some may have since then too, we do not know. So, Paul probably puts a footnote here that the Corinthians could relate to from one of his teachings.

He also put the added "covering" expectation on this church because they needed it. How do I know? It appears in 11:16 he indicates that there really is no such custom in the other churches.

Again… I would like the same thing from he Bible… Go here, there is the treasure, spend it wisely!