Saturday, August 28, 2010

Another update, and some domesticness.

As you know, I like to take pictures. I haven’t been taking many lately, just a few here and there when I remember to get my camera out. Pretty much all the pictures I have been taking have been to update you on the current events, if you care to know about them that is.

My dog Bentley is adorable. He is just about the nicest dog (however that comes with a disclaimer that he is the biggest wuss of a dog I have ever seen…) I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Pretty much all day he follows me from room to room as I go about doing whatever it is I do when I am not at work (laundry, cleaning, cooking etc.) and when we get to our destination room, he plops down and is asleep in a second. It doesn’t matter if I am just walking into that room to drop something off, he follows me out again when I leave, but usually not without stopping to stretch first. He is a very sleepy dog. He is also so cute! Here he is:

The baby is getting very big. At least by my standards…it can simultaneously kick me under the diaphragm and in the pelvis at the same time. Talented little nugget huh? It also has big feet, says the ultrasound tech. That makes me think that it will be a swimmer, well if big feet and the constant flutter kicks I get when I’m trying to sleep mean anything to that effect. It will be here in just under 11 weeks. I know I know, that is only according to the due date, it might be here in 12 weeks. It might in ten, God only knows! It is healthy and keeping me very alert to its presence, always making itself known…

Can you believe its been over a year already? Over a year and there is no one I would rather be with. We both hate how we are always saying goodbye: goodbye going to work, going to school, even going to hang out with friends. It’s the alone time we can’t get enough of! I think I married the best one out there. This morning he came out and gave me a hug from behind (which is easier these days due to my increasing belly size…) and told me that he wanted me to write out a chore list because I shouldn’t have to do everything around the house, he just doesn’t know what I want him to do. Well of course I will agree to that!

His new hobby is mountain biking. He has wanted to get into mountain biking since before we were married and has talked about it often. After extensive reviews, and I mean hours of reviewing products, we went out and bought the stuff. He got a bike frame and some wheels from a friend who races MTB. He broke a 200$ wheel right off the bat, so we had to get a new one of those. We also got him clip in pedals that attach to these sweet Keen MTB shoes. He looks like a legit biker! He also has a nice helmet, of course, because I wouldn’t let him out without one. It’s nice for him to have a hobby, he hates spending money on himself and rarely does unless I make him, or unless I find out what he wants and buy it for him. This is his first big personal purchase (not towards the house or cars etc.) since we got married. Way to go Michael! Hopefully he stays safe….

I went out to my old neighbors farm and picked some apples the other day, they were just perfect. I spent the day today canning apple jelly, making pies, pastry’s and tarts. I think there is a little bit too much for us to eat on our own!

I chronicled the process with pictures, which is hard to remember to do believe it or not. There are so many steps to forget to take pictures of!

Here are all my little apples, some pears, and some plums.

The blue book of canning. I always feel so domestic when I bring this out and follow a recipe to can something. I don’t know why, it just feels like ultra homemaker to me.

This is my accomplice.

And this is my weapon, the guillotine or apples next to a waiting victim

The end result of all apples in my house today…

This is a peach and apple tart with chopped pecans and cranberries. Turned out very good.

My wooden spoons have seen better days, but as some would say, they literally take a lickin and keep on kicken. I love how wooden spoons add an ambiance (it’s silly I know) to the cooking process. So much better than using silicon or plastic. Keep it natural people, natural.


Uriel said...

I can just see the inquisition in your kitchen: "You see, apples, I have ways of making you talk...."

It looks like they've all confessed to being delicious.

I agree about the wooden spoons, Brandy uses 'em too, and when the kids get older, they get a third use as swatters!

E. Chikeles said...

LOL Judah, its true though, wooden spoons make the best swatting spoons...

Love it Melody! So jealous... I wish I could go pick apples!! I don't know a single place within two hours I could go to get apples, etc. without paying a boatload. :/ You are one lucky kid.

Love the pics too. Its refreshing a homey to read your blog. :)