Saturday, August 14, 2010

The end.

I finished my Stats and Logic It was intense! 5 weeks long and I logged 44 hours of studying. It keeps track of how long you spend online doing the homework questions. Jeeps. That 2 days of homework! I passed, and now I have my degree. Good enough for me!

The babes is moving a lot, it just kicked me right under my belly button. That is quite a strang feeling. I like to call it Muff...since it is my little muffin in the oven. That and I don't have anything else to call it yet! Muff is a weird name, but at least I can address it. Jenny thought of it, and I like it.

We had our anniversary/baby belly pictures done, will be posting some soon. Michael is such a great husband to have especially when I am pregnant. This morning I had to go to work and he woke up early with me (6am) and when I went in the kitchen to make breakfast he said "How about I make breakfast this morning so you have time to get ready?" How sweet, he made really good food too. I had enough time to get everything and more done in the morning. We also got to have our morning bible studies together (well he sat on one couch and I on the other, but in the same room, which is good enough) and drank delicious coffee, compliments of my brother who gave us a bag of the best dark roast ever.

So, at the moment, all is well. I am at work now, not feeling sick. My feet haven't swollen. I don't look like a beached whale, and the wee one will arrive in just 12 weeks time. We have names pretty well narrowed down but until we are a little more certain, they are under wraps.


Tammy said...


Don't forget to get back to me with dates for the shower. Auntie Deb is waiting to plan a trip based on which dates you choose and Oma has to plan ahead for care for Opa.

rebekah said...

glad you are doing well friend. and i cannot wait to meet your little muff!