Friday, January 2, 2009

My fiance.

He is gone for the week. He left at 9:15 tonight and will be gone until next Saturday! Him and all his boys (which actually are all his groomsmen, he says its his early pre-bachelor party, he needs a couple to get warmed up for the big are going to Park City Utah for the week for some extreme skiing. My little brother went too. I am so worried Michael is going to get hurt! What if he smashes his head or cracks his neck doing some cork 3 or something. I worry to much.

Before he left I couldn't help but cry while he hugged me. He sat there with his arms around me for about five minutes and then when the time came that the Armada was pulling out he said "Oh no...this is it." and gave me a big hug and held on for a long time. He smells good now, like Tim McGraw cologne. He kissed me on the cheek and said "I love you" as he hugged me and then that was it. He got in his car and left. It's only a week but to me its a long time. He's gone...thats all that matters. I won't get a hug or smell his skin or have him play with the ring on my finger as we sit and do nothing. 

Ahh dang...I miss him already. 

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- Sarah :-) said...

OH boo. I HATE goodbyes with my boo!!!