Thursday, September 11, 2008

September 11

I was driving home from the grocery today when I noticed a flag at half mast. I drove a little more and noticed they were all at half mast. "I wonder why they are lowered?" kept rolling through my mind until I got home and looked at the date. September 11th. Only seven years after the horrible day and the anniversary falls on a numb mind unaware to its coming. Time is an amazing healer of wounds. Now that the day is on my mind however I decided to do the one thing next to prayer that I know to do to try and point a persons mind in the right direction, I am writing a blog. 

First I would like to say a long overdue thank you to the firefighters who ran towards the burning buildings while everyone else was running away. I would like to thank their wives, their children, and thank the Lord for giving them the willingness and fortitude to be heroes. It brings tears to me eyes to think of they who ran into the building knowing they may never come out only hoping to save a life. It also brings tears to my eyes to think of the children who are growing up knowing their daddy is a hero that they will never see again or never even meet face to face. I admire the wives who supported their husbands having a job that they knew could someday require them giving up their life. I could not imagine kissing my loved one goodbye knowing that it might be the last goodbye I get. The worst part I can think of is that wife who sat at home watching the towers burn knowing her husband was running in there to save someone and then watching the building collapse. Sitting in scared anticipation until the dreaded red car pulls up in front of the house with the news that her husband is now a hero forever, but will never come home. That she will never feel his warm body next to her in their bed, could never listen to his breathing, could never hold him or kiss him, and could never tell him how proud she is of his sacrifice.

I also want to thank the firemen for raising the American flag to show that we were not defeated. I remember the first time I saw this picture. I was fourteen, a freshmen in high school, watching the towers burn in choir class. The only time everyone was silent. I remember Mr. Dulak putting his hand to his face and look like he was fighting back tears. Everyone was fighting back tears. I remember watching the towers collapse, and then when the smoke cleared I remember seeing this picture.

Next I would like to say to all those people who are out there protesting the war in Iraq to remember 9/11/01. We were attacked. To protect our people we fought back and justice is being done. My family is willing to put their life on the line. My brother and brother in law, my cousins, my friends are all out there willing to say "Take me so people in my country can live free". Don't ever go out with a little sign that demeans the sacrifice my brother is ready to give. Honor our soldiers. Give them a pat on the back and say thanks, do the same for our firemen and police men (and women). It takes a special person to make a career out of saving lives and putting theirs on the line. 

In closing I would like to remind you to pray for our country and our leaders. Pray for the families who are on the anniversary of losing a loved one. Pray that we would never forget the sacrifice and pray that people would come to know the Lord through the sorrow of remembering.