Thursday, September 11, 2008


I just want to get my degree and be done with it. I want to have a nice job that I like. I want to stop worrying about it. 
I am so sick of looking for colleges and realizing how long it will take me to graduate because I am behind in some things. And I feel like a big loser. I have about 50 credits done right now...but not all of them are transferable. So I could stay at the college in town here and be done with everything in 3 years. BUT I won't get accepted into that program until fall 2009. So that will mean it will have taken me almost 5 years to get my A.S. in nursing. lame. who wants to go around saying they spent the best 5 years of their life at a technical college getting a "2" year degree. yeah thats me...the loser over here.  (btw no one gets done in 2 years...its physically impossible, apparently the fastest ever at my college was 3 years)

I wish I could get a good degree from a good college and I wish I wasn't 21 and that I hadn't already wasted so much freaking time. 

I'm so done with this. I quit because I suck at life. 

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E. Chikeles said...


If you keep trying to force life into a tiny box of timely pursuits and status bars you might just get forced to work a dead end job while living in a city you hate and accomplishing nothing so that you can learn the value of life... God has His own time and if I have learned anything (am learning rather) it is that I cannot push HIm and only He knows why life happens as it does. Who Knows! You might live to be 102; then 10 years of schooling won't be so lame... they'll just be the 10% of your life that you learned to value living, learning, overcoming, and working hard despite the circumstances.

I love you! Don't embrace the glumbums- find comfort in the small things and joy in Jesus and take courage from your friends. =)