Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I feel deprived.

I just realized how long it has been since I have blogged. Ok, well it hasn't been like forever but there was a time when I was blogging everyday, almost more than everyday. So yeah.
Well basically here is what is going on:
~I have EMT-b classes twice a week now, its nice to learn all the stuff but dang it takes forever. 
~I start school again June 9th. Hm. It going to be rough, 11 credits of summer classes is kind of a lot. Anatomy and Physiology II is going to be rough, especially since it is the accelerated class. 

SO yeah enough with the boring updates.

I was contemplating change, and how the Lord changes peoples hearts. I suppose that the apostle Paul was a pretty gnarly dude (not in looks or anything but in character) before the Lord got a hold of his heart. I mean imagine the all of a sudden just calling out to Hilary Clinton and her listening, and turning to Christ. Wow, what a revival could take place then! 

I guess I just picture all these people that I know that I figure would be to far gone to even bother with. Yet the Lord looks at them and sees a heart that could change. 

So I guess this is just a reminder to myself to pray for all those people who I sometimes esteem to be beyond reach. Like Hilary Clinton, Barrack Obama, all those terrorists in the middle east, everyone. 
So yeah, pray.


- Sarah :-) said...


... you speak it.

Wow - kind've a slap in the noggine, eh?!

Melody said...

Yeah its crazy to think of someone as far out as say Ozzy Osbourne become a minister or revival leader someday, but it could happen.