Friday, May 2, 2008


It can get you down sometimes you know?
I suppose that I will always be reminding myself that God is in control, He knows what He is doing and I do not.

See at one time I thought that I would be happy forever if God would just give me a horse.

Then he did.

Then it was a car, a boyfriend, money, and stupid superficial things like that.

Now I know I can be JOYFUL (maybe not always happy though) forever because my Lord has given me salvation.

I wish though that I could feel that amazing love like I did last month. I mean, I was so gone. And so blessed. Now the world is just crashing in and I am feeling it a lot. Its hard. 

Paying for college, worrying about bills, relationships, longing for relationships, friends, family, heartache, lack of coffee, feeling fat and ugly.


But then I could be: starving, dying, have AIDS, have some dangerous communicable disease, be dying of water pollution, have the black plague, be freezing to I could be living in a shack in Indonesia living off of rice an larvae.
But thankfully I'm not.

WOW Jesus has provided so much for me!


Malia Marie said...

so I vote you go to Feedburner and get a subscriber...that way I won't miss a it do it do it...I heart you...

Malia Marie said...

go onto my blog, and at the top you'll see that little place where you can subscribe where you enter in your email address? well just click on "feedburner" where it says hosted by or something like that and it'll take you through the steps to do's worth it, that way i'll never miss on of your posts! ps i'm getting a d40 very soon...there's one thats at the shutterbug outlet here in woodburn oregon that comes with just one lense and a bag and a tripod and it's's right up my alley!!!!