Thursday, March 5, 2009

Love :)

My ode to Michael! Don't read if you get sick easily, its pretty cheesy.

How could I love someone as much as I love you? Oh I don't know. It just is nonsensical to imagine.
How could I feel so loved as I do when you have your arms around me? It isn't possible. Has anyone been more loved? 
The only relationship that could ever be above the one we have is that of the Lord, yet His love is not evident in such a tangible way. Is that why He gave you to me? To show me tangibly the love He possesses? To give me a slight breeze of the reality of His rushing wind? That seems possible, my love. I believe it to be so. 

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- Sarah :-) said...

You're so lyrical - I love it!

PS: Sorry for being so absent, lately... I'm SUCH a blog slacker and blogger doesn't update me of your new posts!!