Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Time flies when your having fun...

18 months ago tomorrow Michael and I got married. Like the title says, time flies.

Marriage is a funny thing. Enjoyable, trying, annoying, growing, stretching, breaking...all of them.

One year ago we were praying about having a child. Right now I can hear him in the other room changing Ev's diaper and putting her pj's on her. His baby talk is kind of funny, but she enjoys it.

6 months ago I was still having morning sickness every few hours during the day and not sleeping well at night wondering if being pregnant really did bring the amazing reward everyone had spoken of. Now I know that no pregnancy, no matter how hard, matter's when you know about the light at the end of the tunnel and how amazing it really is.

Time flies.


Tammy said...

This makes me smile. Sigh....:o)

Melody said...

Well, if you heard the doleful voice with which I wrote it...its more sarcastic. At least the "having fun" part...oh well, tis another day in paradise.