Monday, November 15, 2010

Ok here is the info everyone needs to know...

So here's the deal, I'll let you all know (within an hour) of my Dr's appointment what went down. I'm being induced thursday. My body that looked so ready at 37 weeks to deliver a baby right on time has not budged since that point. (WARNING: for male readers, if words like cervix and catheter freak you out just stop reading now.)

So, on thursday my Dr will be inserting a Foley bulb (its a catheter bulb that you can inflate with saline) to help stretch the cervix and hopefully dilate me to 4cm within 6 hours. If it doesn't, then they will use prostaglandin gel and or break my water. If that doesn't work, I will get pitocin. My doctor warned me that this artificial process is A LOT more painful than the natural process, but she is trying to take as many natural steps as possible to make my body take over on its own. The foley bulb, breaking the water, and hopefully my body will do the rest. If not however, she said I should think about getting an epidural. She said its like trying to break through a brick wall getting a baby to come through a body that just isn't naturally ready for labor on its own, and she said the contractions are much stronger with the medications that bump start labor.

This just sucks. I wanted so badly to be natural. My birth plan is basically out the window. My body won't cooperate. Today I am no more ready to deliver than I was a month ago. So I am considering my options. I know I will feel like such a wuss who can't take what women since the beginning of time have if I get an epidural. But she said that sometimes it can be a lot more stressful on the baby NOT to have pain control during an induction.

So here I am. I would rather no one call me. I would rather not be heard from ever again, I'll just sit here and make another pot of coffee and pretend like things are ok. But really? This is the hardest thing EVER. I wanted my baby to come naturally and I wanted to be queen of the natural labor process. Apparently the Lord has other plans.

So here I wait and sit in a depressed state until thursday at 6am.


E. Chikeles said...

I am glad your doctor is upfront with you about how painful it will be, personally if you get petocin (however you spell it) I would just get the epidural right away.

One thing I am confused about is why they are inducing you at only 41 weeks? Babies can safely go to 42 and sometimes even 44... Maggie was 41 weeks too, so I know how hard it is to wait!! :( Praying for you every day Melody!

Melody said...

My dr said she wouldn't go more than 42 weeks. I think Michael wants the 18th because of his birthday, but the only other option is thanksgiving day, and my doctor will be gone. I'm kind of torn because I know baby is staying in until it is ready to come out. But Michael's aunts baby died at 41 weeks, and he is kind of freaked out about that happening. I don't know what I want to do, but this seems to be the option that we will go with.

Tammy said...

I'm going to be throwing up extra prayers that you go into labor today!

andrew Christiansen said...

Lindsay was supposed to be induced on a Wednesday (7 days overdue) but on Tuesday night she went into labor. so we are still praying that you go in to labor on your own.