Saturday, January 23, 2010


My mother in law is going to Liberia in April. She is adopting a baby girl from there too. I have such a desire to go! I cannot explain what happens in me when I am aching to just go. I want to go on a trip again and more than that, a missions trip. I miss traveling, I miss the different cultures, I miss the closeness I feel to the Lord when I am on a trip that forces me to rely on him.

Sometime I hate money. I don't know how I could ever afford to go. I have the yearning in me and its not going away anytime soon...great. Instead of breaking the bank Michael and I are working to build, I think I will learn to submit to my yearning and just support. So I plan on raising funds for my mother in law and whomever is going over there. This trip is not the one for me but in the future...please! I want to go back to Israel :)


Uriel said...

I hear Liberia is in shambles, with lots of people being killed & such, warlords shooting people up & eating 'em. But central and W. Africa...when is it NOT in shambles?
They definitely need Jesus. I hear that a lot of African countries where atrocities happen have a huge nominally christian population.

Melody said...

It is, and the idea of even maybe going there frightens me. I don't know, the Lord will do as He wills.